Reviews: Digital Sunset Skirt, Sunblaze Lace Skirt, Endpoint Skirt, Carrizo Mini, Leaf & Arrow Skirt, Sukiya Silk Culottes

The Dicot Macrame Tank (now $20), STYLE #24460131 
and the Digital Sunset Skirt (now $30), STYLE #24535577.

Anthropologie’s skirts have been an exercise in frustration for me the last few seasons such that I’d taken to pretty much ignoring them completely. They were either way too short or way too long, and the few knee-length options were so voluminous that it was ridiculous. Luckily they seem to have course-corrected. One of the NYC personal shoppers asked me if I’d tried any of the new summer skirts…to which I of course replied “heck no!” as though they were some kind of contagion. She reminded me how well the Esker Maxi Skirt ($128, review here) had worked so wouldn’t I like to try some more? After some convincing I headed to the store and was happy to see a bunch of lightweight knee-length options. This set is part I of II of skirt reviews.

Digital Sunset Skirt (now $30) by HD in Paris, size down
style #24535577; grey (004)

In the model shot at the top of this post the Digital Sunset Skirt (now $30) looks like a free-flowing feather of a thing. In real life however the skirt is sturdy structured cotton and I have no idea how they got it to ripple like that! Really gusty wind I guess. The idea of a palm tree on my hip (and my tush) left me initially unsettled but I do love the colors of this photographic piece. The skirt has a very gentle a-line cut, the perfect cut for curvy me! It hits across the lowest part of my knees which I also consider a great spot.

Your sizing in this skirt will depend on where you want it to hit. It runs large so be prepared to size down either way. I have a waist that’s much smaller than my hips so the skirt hung loosely off my waist no matter which size I tried while my hips played the main role in deciding the fit. You see a size 8 on me above, which I liked the most because I could wear it lower below my waist. If you want to wear the skirt at your waist I’d suggest two sizes below your normal take (aka a 6 for me). The skirt isn’t lined and at full price that’d be a deal-breaker. For $30 I can let that slide.

This skirt is a beautiful print that will work well in spring, summer and fall. I haven’t purchased this yet but it’s on my wishlist!

Sunblaze Lace Skirt ($148) by Yoana Baraschi, TTS
style # 24691453; coral (085)

The beautiful Sunblaze Lace Skirt ($148) is a bright red confection of lace and mesh. Cut straight with a side zip, a damask-style pattern curves and winds around the skirt like a wayward tattoo. A scalloped hem adds an extra feminine touch and up top the “waistband” has similar finial adornments. This skirt is lined — thank god — but the color is somewhat off-putting to me. It’s so close to my usual red-based skintone that I felt sort of naked. This won’t be an issue for everyone but is it weirder to have a fleshy lining that’s very different from your skintone? Your call.

I stuck with my usual size 10 and found it comfortable. It’s certainly hugging my hips and bottom like a pencil skirt but the straight fall below helps to even everything out. I’d probably wear a longer top with this a la the model shot (Anthro paired it with the Take Flight Tank which I reviewed here). One really nice touch is that this skirt does not slide up when you sit. However that was accomplished I’m very thankful! What really makes this skirt a winner is the bold scarlet color. I probably will wait for sale on this one. For now, wishlisted!

Endpoint Skirt ($88) by Postmark, size down
style # 24488546, navy (041)

The Endpoint Skirt ($128) is quickly selling out both online and in-store. I can see why. A fantastic chevron print plus an a-line shape is an easy hit. The pocket placement is questionable — it’s like a chorus that sings hiiiiippppppssssss but since the skirt runs large it’s less of an issue than it could be. I love how the chevron meets perfectly in the middle of the front and back. I hate how it meets imperfectly at the sides. I love the bias waistband. I hate the horizontal stripes of the pockets.

When I found this skirt very few sizes were left so I ended up trying a 6, which is clearly too tight on me. But I’m sure an 8 would work and that’s one size down from my usual 10. This skirt is unlined which makes the inside somewhat rough against the skin. The linen-cotton mix is pretty wrinkle resistant and the skirt maintains its shape well. I like this skirt but the mismatched seams drive me nuts, so it’s a pass. For those who prefer their Chevron in full-length, there’s also a dress version.

Carrizo Mini ($118) by Maeve, TTS
style # 24962656; blue motif (049) or purple motif (059)

The Carrizo Mini ($118) is the kind of skirt that gives me grabby hands. Its pull-on styling looks intimidating at first but it’s well worth the shot. There’s smocking in the back to help this skirt go on easily. Three different blue patterns populate the skirt. The outer layer is 100% silk and this skirt is fully lined — hallelujah! The skirt comes in just a hair under 19″ which puts it just above my knees but the flowy shape obscures my pudgy quads. And I thank you for that, Anthro.

This skirt is curiously S-M-L so I went straight for my usual size large. That worked perfectly, allowing me to set the waistband just below my natural waist and let the body of the skirt fall to nearly my knees. You could also size down if you want this skirt to sit on your waist, though it will fall a good two inches above the knee at that point. If purple’s more your speed a floral motif version is also available. 

Here’s a full body shot with the Carrizo Mini ($118) so you can see the perfect proportions it casts. I love this skirt so! It’s sitting in my cart as we speak. I might just pick up both versions if this skirt hits sale quickly.

Update 7/19/2012: I was asked to try on the purple motif version of the Carrizo Mini (now $60). Photos below.

 In-store this skirt was displayed with the Quadrivium Belt ($48) and the two pair very well!  

Leaf & Arrow Skirt ($78) by Leifnotes, size up
 style # 24367237, pink (066)

Got curves? You’ll likely want to skip the Leaf & Arrow Skirt ($78) which pretends like hips do not exist. This viscose mini has a drawstring waist and is pretty short at 18.5 inches. I am wearing it pretty low for these review shots to get decent length. There’s no lining of any kind here, which means that unless you’re inhuman and never sweat this skirt will probably stick to you at some point in the summer heat. The hem is technically finished though the stitching is sloppy, but there’s not so much extra that you could make this longer.

I tried on my usual 10 and found it too clingy around the hips. A 12 would be more appropriate for me. But let’s be honest — I’m not going to buy this skirt. Love the pattern but wish this were an a-line, slightly longer skirt instead…

Here’s the full-length view. If you like this pattern it’s also available in dress form as the Diamondflower Mini Dress ($118), though I am not happy with how they structured the pattern in the dress either. Read my review of the dress here.

Sukiya Silk Culottes ($128) by Charlotte Taylor, TTS
style # 24884702; blue motif (049)
A Made in Kind collection piece
Charlotte Taylor has the cutest prints, but I often find myself at odds with her clothing designs. That tug of war continues with the Sukiya Silk Culottes ($128), a short-skort kinda thing that has an adorable teahouse print. I love the sky blue and green color combo. I love the silk material (with poly lining). I love the longer length of these shorts. I’m not in love with the exposed zipper.

Sizingwise my usual 10 worked fine, though there is some extra space at the waist. The 10 just worked across my hips though so I would not size down. My main issue is with the culotte style itself. The pleat is so aggressive and harsh. It either needs to be lower, softer, or more overlaid to really work in my opinion. I felt like I was accidentally exposing something in these which is not a comfortable way to go through the day. 

Here’s the full-length shot. I wish these had worked better because I love the print but they sadly went back to the rack.

I’ll be back with more skirts later today. Do you own any of these items? Have you tried any of them on? What did you think? If you have a review request let me know in the comments!

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