Reviews: Snail Strut Skirt, Dilated Lace Skirt, Gilded Estate Skirt, Knitted Academy Skirt, Sea Moss Maxi Skirt, AG Stevie Straight

(Review of the sweater tank coming next week, scroll on down for the maxi!)

Today’s skirt reviews continue below. Part I was published this morning and can be found here. You can search for specific item reviews in the “search the archives” field of the sidebar, or click here to see more reviews.

Snail Strut Skirt ($98) by Florence Balducci, TTS
style # 25109885; black and white (018)

I’ve never seen anything quite like it, the Snail Strut Skirt ($98). And yet somehow this print feels right at home at Anthropologie and I love it! The print begins right at the waistline with snails sliding along like a belt. Below are four larger shells from which feminine legs appear. (They are also on the back in a slightly different stance.) And down at the bottom is a black & white floral print to finish things off. It’s very weird but also very fun. The skirt is mostly thick linen that does seem susceptible to wrinkling and there is no lining. A side zip is there to slip in and out.

My usual size 10 was a bit loose in the waist but right across the hips. So this skirt seems true to size. I love the knee-length and the body-hugging shape. The skirt is thick enough to be opaque and there is a small but not-too-high slit in the back to assist with walking. Fitwise I think this would flatter a variety of body shapes.

Here is a full-length shot with the Snail Strut Skirt ($98). I don’t think I’d jump at this for full price but on sale I might be tempted. For now it’s been added to my wishlist!

Dilated Lace Skirt ($148) by Postmark, size up if curvy
Dilated Lace Skirt; black (001)

Perfection, and good quality to boot. Thank you Anthropologie for making the Dilated Lace Skirt ($148). This beauty is everything I come to Anthro for: a beautiful design executed expertly in good quality materials. From afar this skirt is pretty but up close it’s exquisite. Beautiful webs of daisies look almost like a stained glass pattern against a cotton base. This skirt is fully lined in spandex, which I appreciate because instead of a too-tight lining as Anthropologie has struggled with lately this lining instead hugs your curves without strangling them. A gentle a-line makes this skirt fall straight on curvy bodies like mine. But it’s not nearly the A-line that the product shot online would you make you believe.

The skirt fits like a pencil with a released hem. It hugs all my curves around the waist — hips, tush, thighs but without over-emphasizing them. And much as I like pencil skirts I appreciate the loose plunge of this one so I can walk in full strides. I tried on my usual size 10 for this review but found it snug so I’d size up to a 12 to buy. I love this skirt and there are so many styling options for it. You could do delicate and ladylike by pairing it with something like the Peplum Ponte Tank ($78) or the Petals Unfurling Halter ($68). Or you could go for a more bohemian vibe by wearing a long shirt like the Coral Winds Tank ($88) over it and letting just a touch of the lace peek out. Add cute flat sandals and a floppy hat and you’re boho-ready. Polyvores to come!

Here’s the full view of  the Dilated Lace Skirt ($148). I plan on bringing this home soon and think it’s well worth full price. Bravo Anthro!

Gilded Estate Skirt ($128) by Yoana Baraschi, TTS
style # 24710048; sapphire (043)

The Gilded Estate Skirt ($128) has a pretty neat shaping trick: the circles on the side trick the eye. They make my plentiful thighs look much narrower than they are. It’s a cool effect done in a stately pattern. I love it! The sapphire-based spandex-cotton mix has a silver and black pattern that is a sight to behold. Expert pattern placement means that though it’s not quite lined up at the sides it’s pretty damn close. Close enough to quell my OCD seam mismatch issues anyway. There is a poly lining that’s slippery against the skin and a back zip that sucks. It really, truly sucks. When I tried this skirt on the zipper got stuck. The SA who came to help me told me the skirt got stuck on her when she tried the skirt too. When my sister tried on the skirt the zipper got stuck. And the SA who helped her? Same thing. Four stuck zippers at two different Anthropologies is a pattern. One star off.

Also, although the zipper is in the back it causes weird puckering on the sides of this skirt near the waistline. At first I thought it might just be my shape but a SA commented on the same thing, and even when I zoom on the online product shot I see the same thing. It’s a weird quirk that most people probably won’t notice but it’s annoying nonetheless.

My usual size 10 fit though closely. Because this skirt hugs I found the skirt to depress slightly between my thighs, causing the ripples you see. This is more a product of my shape than the skirt. Otherwise the 10 felt great — slightly loose at the waist and just right everywhere else. There is a generous back slit that will creep up when you sit but I’m glad it’s there for walking purposes.

Here we have the full-length shot of the Gilded Estate Skirt ($128). My sister tried this skirt on with the white Slanted Layers Tee ($48, review here and guest review here). It made a great outfit! This is another skirt sitting on my wishlist, likely soon to find a home in my closet.

Knitted Academy Skirt ($68) by Postmark, TTS
style # 25151416; navy (041)

I am seriously loving all the knee-length, slightly flowy skirt options Anthropologie is throwing at us right now! Another new addition is the Knitted Academy Skirt ($68). This knit skirt has a raised sideways diamond pattern, a scalloped waistband and a gentle cascade of shape. Also? Pockets. I love pockets! There is no zipper on this skirt; it’s pull-on with a stretchy waistband to slide over hips like mine. The material is a cotton-poly mix that feels medium weight. Today it’s 93 degrees in NYC and I probably wouldn’t wear this. But under 85 or so I think it would work fine.

Since this skirt is alpha-sized I went straight for a large, my usual size. That worked well. It’s loose but comfortable whereas a medium would likely be tight. Once again the looseness allowed me to set this skirt lower than the waist, giving me the length to make it a knee-grazer instead of a thigh-showcaser. 19″ is my ideal “mini” skirt length while 22″ is just right normally; this one registers at 18.5″ so just a bit short. It’s workable though.

Like the other skirts in this set the Knitted Academy Skirt ($68) has plenty of potential. Though it may sound repetitive this skirt is another one for the wishlist. I’m waiting out sale before I pick this one up.

Sea Moss Maxi Skirt ($118) by Weston Wear, size up
style # 24990350; blue motif (049)

Woe to those with curves, for the Sea Moss Maxi Skirt ($118) is cut for those who are straight. Such was my sad sack discovery yesterday while trying this skirt on. The 5th Ave Anthropologie in  NYC was recently renovated and the fitting room lights now cast evil lumpy shadows down from above. I hate this new lighting scheme. I’m thankful for more light in what used to be caves, but the lights on the mirrors are far preferable.

Sorry, sidetracked. The skirt, right! It’s an amazing mix of several patterns with some texture near the top. It’s all nylon (boo) but made in the USA (yay!). There’s no shape here — just a straight fall from waist to hem. The skirt is lined, though the lining peters out before the hemline.

This skirt comes in XS-XL. I tried the large on in-store but my thighs demand more space! Unfortunately the XL is already sold out online so I might be SOL. Which is too bad because I really like this skirt. The panels are pretty, the length is decent. The skirt for reference hit at the top of my ankles. I’m 5’8″ with a 35″ inseam. I feel that in the correct size this skirt would be slimming. Alas, it may not be meant to be. Sniffle.

AG Stevie Straight ($164) by AG Jeans, TTS
 style # 22957559; society (094)
We interrupt this skirts review set to bring you a review of the AG Stevie Straight ($164) by reader request. I’m a big fan of AG’s Premieres because of their high rise. Anthropologie stocked the Premieres at one point but seems to be obsessed lately with the low-rise Stevies. My hips and bum do not play well with low rise. They like to invite muffin top to the party. So I was pretty apprehensive about these jeans.

The color is fabulous. I love this dark grey-toned denim. It has hints of blue, brown and black too with brown contrast stitching. These jeans are pretty short though at 31.5″ long. Even low-slung on my hips they were just grazing my ankles. Also, for jeans that claim to be cut straight these fit me like skinnies. Normally I have more room through the calves in AGs then these allowed.

I tried on my usual size 31. Here’s the main issue I have with Stevies: they’re really loose around my waist (a 30 would be better there) but really tight on my thicker legs. So I’m left with a huge gap at the waist and then the jeans slllliiiidddeee down until muffin top appears. It is no fun.

I will say that the back pockets are the perfect size. I hate jeans with small pockets and jeans with larger pockets make your ass look oddly flat. These are medium-sized and just right. So if you’re on the straighter side with no back or bum fat these will look fantastic. For my curves, I prefer the Premieres. Bring them back, Anthro!! In this exact fabric and wash please.

That’s it for today’s reviews. Above is a preview of next week’s dress set featuring Maeve’s Changing Stripes Dress ($158). I love this dress! I’m wearing a size 8 here, full review is available here.

Would you like me to review a specific item? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the items in this skirt set. Is Anthro on the right track with skirts? Would you purchase any of these? Any new wishlist additions? And if you already own any of the skirts I’ve covered today how are you styling them?

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