Anthropologie puts LOTS on sale!

Anthropologie’s sale is full of fresh cuts! This comes ahead of their expected Black Friday promo (which will likely be a small percent off, with no free shipping until Monday).

Here are some of the sale highlights:
Adventurer Shirt Jacket (now $100), Style No. 4115346826873
Alicante Dress (now $190), Style No. 4130089543311
Amis Linen Top (now $60), Style No. 4112527772626
Antia Swing Top (now $100), Style No. 4114529102908
Bell-Sleeve Sweater Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130556889954
Blue Buttercup Midi Skirt (now $130), Style No. 4120210695522
Celestial Lace Maxi Dress (now $120), Style No. 4130580816956
Chanson des Fleurs Blouse (now $50), Style No. 4112236206324
Chevril Collared Duster (now $140), Style No. 4133346827362
Colorblock Horizon Dress (now $120), Style No. 4130212061024
Cynthia Wool Sweater Jacket (now $180), Style No. 4114309216145
Embroidered Foliage Coat (now $200), Style No. 4133337191693
Embroidered Northerner Coat (now $180), Style No. 4133346824870
Evettes Off-The-Shoulder Top (now $50), Style No. 4110211062323
Herbaliste Maxi Dress (now $140), Style No. 4130342381114
Impresario Coat (now $270), Style No. 4133071180779
Lace Meadows Blouse (now $80), Style No. 4110339185577
Lacework Shell (now $40), Style No. 4112226855354
Luiza Sweater Dress (now $150), Style No. 4130256236165
Madera Maxi Dress (now $160), Style No. 4130360688005
Magnolia Lace Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130383414378
Mixed-Stripe Wool Cardigan (now $100), Style No. 4114352954701
Patchwork Peasant Dress (now $100), Style No. 4130224062108
Pavin Buttondown Tunic (now $60), Style No. 4110265412221
Robine Swing Top (now $70), Style No. 4114368751617
Victoria Lace Tunic (now $100), Style No. 4110204583331
Zeri Peasant Dress (now $120), Style No. 4130337198816

There are also a ton of new accessories cuts (jewelry, shoes, boots!) and new home cuts too.

This is almost sale overload to me — 7 pages of clothing that’s fresh to sale today! I wish Anthro would go back to their old cycle of new cuts every two weeks, with big markdown sets every 6-8 weeks. This is too much! What are you choosing from for your sale purchase today?

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