Styling 3 of my current favorite Anthropologie dresses for work…

Anthropologie’s Sweetwater Dress ($158) has work to evening written all over it!
Shown with the Iona Fringed Pendant Necklace ($78).

I’m in late-season low shopping mode at the moment, but even with my marked slowdown of browsing my favorite retailer websites or visiting their stores there are items I can’t help but swoon over. Anthropologie, the master of dresses, currently has three that I absolutely adore: the Sweetwater Dress ($158, above), the Cheshire Dress ($158) and the Grasslands Midi Dress ($178).

Inside, let’s discuss some ways to style these dresses for work…

The Grasslands Midi Dress ($178) in its natural casual habitat.

On their own
Depending on your work environment these dresses can of course be worn on their own. A couple of years ago my super-corporate client life would have meant covering up the top of the Sweetwater Dress and probably saving the Cheshire Dress and Grasslands Midi Dress for the weekend. In my current work environment things are much more casual and creative so I’m sure any of these dresses are fine by themselves, though my inclination is to cover the top of the Grasslands Midi Dress simply because the pattern is eye-catching and I don’t want to be an office distraction.

Besides, the air conditioning makes everything frigid.

For the Sweetwater Dress, I would accessorize with either a long pendant or fringe necklace, such as the Waikiki Pendant Necklace ($54) or its larger cousin the Marimbula Necklace ($58), the Chevron Fringe Lariat Necklace ($64) or the Lucienne Fringe Necklace ($78). Something shorter like the Rose Rain Necklace ($68) or the Stone Sunset Bib Necklace ($78) could also work.

Shoewise I’d match the dress and accessories with the Farylrobin Finn Micro Wedges ($148) in bronze, the Marcela Ankle Strap Heels ($158) in either color or the Miss Albright Verra Pumps ($158) in the beautiful natural lace pattern. Down the road once fall hits this frock would look great with the Matson Knee Boots ($228).

The Cheshire Dress already has a lot going on by itself. I’d either up the game further by adding the Apricombre Necklace ($64) on top of the rose version of the dress, or go for a complimenting necklace shape like the Layered Moonstone Choker ($398) in rose. And then for shoes, the Maypol Colorblock Espadrille Wedges ($148) or the Miss Albright Verra Pumps ($158) in denim would work well with either color of the dress, especially the rose version.

Lastly, the Grasslands Midi Dress does not need a necklace; to me it would look much more fun with something like the Aleria Cuff ($128) and the matching Rasenna Earrings ($78-$88)! I’d then pair them with the Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Gemma Shooties ($170) or the Bliss Buckle Slingbacks ($195).

My favorite look idea for the Sweetwater Dress (top left): with either the Waikiki Pendant Necklace ($54) 
and the Pilcro Denim Jacket ($138).

With a cardigan jacket
In the air conditioning it’s easy to test out fall outfit ideas — or toppers, at least. Each of these three dresses lends itself well to one more layer on top to resist the urge to turn into an office ice cube.

With the  Sweetwater Dress, I love a denim jacket like the Pilcro Denim Jacket ($138) or the Mori Cardigan ($98) in rose.

For the Cheshire Dress, the Sweaterstitch Moto Jacket ($148) would look fabulous. (And it just so happens to be my favorite Anthropologie jacket of the year thus far!) The Mori Cardigan ($98) may also be an option so long as the ruffles don’t create a frumpy look.

The Grasslands Midi Dress seems like a great fit with the more flowy Meryl Jacket ($188) or perhaps the Mabli Vest ($98).

Here’s a sure work to evening outfit idea for the Cheshire Dress ($158, top left): wear it with the
put on the Miss Albright Verra Pumps ($158) in denim and wrap it all up
with the Sweaterstitch Moto Jacket ($148) on top.

Layered under a top.
Here’s where the fun can really begin. Feeling a little adventurous? How about wearing a top over your dress?

Take the Renna Turtleneck Dress ($128) for instance. This long turtleneck would look cute with the Sweetwater Dress‘s sleeves peeking out, or the pattern from the Grasslands Midi Dress‘s skirt emerging beneath.

The Cabled Off-The-Shoulder Pullover ($118) in nude would work well over the Cheshire Dress, and the grey version would be great over the Grasslands Midi Dress. The Grasslands Midi Dress would also look great peeking out from under the Midnight Pointelle Pullover ($98) or the Ceycen Tunic ($118), the latter of which could also go over the Sweetwater Dress — as could the Cowled Sweater Tank ($98) in beige.

The raspberry Stitchmix Sweater ($98) could work for sure over the Sweetwater Dress, but it might also work over the Cheshire Dress! (The sweater also comes in dark grey, which would go well with the green version of the Cheshire.) If nothing else, the Cabled Crossover Wrap ($118) would show off the Cheshire Dress ‘s ruffles quite well.

I’d wear the Grasslands Midi Dress ($178) to work with: the Aleria Cuff ($128) 
and the Rasenna Earrings ($78-$88), the Brooklyn Gemma Shooties ($170) and the Meryl Jacket ($188).

How would you style these three dresses for work and after-work?

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