Gorgeous: The Anthropologie Impresario Coat

Whoa! What is this beautiful new coat on Anthropologie’s site? This beauty is called the Impresario Coat ($495) and it follows in the grand tradition of the Karelia Coat, the Florilege Coat, the Satsuma Coat, the Leopardlily Coat, the Ruffled Plume Jacket and so on back into the annals of Anthropologie history.

I love every detail of this coat, from the stitched cuffs to the ivory base to the beautiful leafy pattern! I am definitely trying this one as soon as I can find it. Hopefully this is a promising sign of Anthropologie’s fall designs to come!

Later today I’ll be back with a post on how to style 3 Anthro dresses I’m loving right now for work…

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