Checking out BHLDN’s beautiful new arrivals…

I love the frippery of the Heidi Gown ($2,400), just one of the many pretty new arrivals at BHLDN today.

It’s a bit of a slow news day today on the shopping front, as one tends to find in late August, so while I’ve got a little something on J.Crew’s new promo coming up later today (the sidebar has a link you can shop now!) I thought it would be fun to take a little detour into Anthropologie-owned BHLDN, which just unveiled a plethora of new arrivals for all your Fall 2016 wedding and perhaps beyond the box needs…

Believe it or not, this is the same Heidi Gown ($2,400) topping the post.

Firstly, I am so sorry to see that the Fall 2016 BHLDN catalogue model was trapped by Malificent and forced to hold her wedding in the shadow of the Big M’s dragon form. Or, as my fellow college-trained copy editor BFF and I were joking, oh no! It looks like the catalogue processing left a plate off the CMYK.

Seriously though, are they going for dreary? I’m not quite sure I get it, whatever the message is. “Love is dying slowly, so get married now before it goes kaput!” or maybe “We went to a rainy location and didn’t get a day of sun for this shoot, so before the happy ending fairy tale it is!!”

This is all to say I won’t be using any more of the catalogue shots in this post. Instead, let’s first take a look at some of the dresses I would wear. Not that there’s any hidden message there — I’m not going to any weddings this fall except as a guest. 🙂

The Nina Gown ($1,200) has a beautiful cascading skirt and pretty detailing on the bodice.
The Desiree Top ($280) & Lowell Skirt ($1,775) bring some sleek, glam sophistication to the whole affair.

BHLDN has carved out a niche for itself in doing modern takes on early 20th century designs, along with boho wedding dresses. I’m more of a traditionalist myself — this or this is my ideal dress shape — but I very much appreciate the softness and personality of their designs. I would be thrilled to sport any of the three designs above in my own wedding!

Next, here are some dresses that I appreciate, but wouldn’t work on my body. (Mostly because the bust looks unworkable for a natural 32DD.)

The Fantasia Gown ($1,500) features beautiful lace detailing in all the right places.
But that bust is far too open for my tastes.
The Hayden Gown ($2,025) has a delightful front — and check out the back!
The Freya Gown ($2,000) has the kind of glitz a large wedding sometime calls for.

On the accessories side, I’m kinda loving the idea of a halo or tiara. Really, shouldn’t we be able to work tiaras and halos into our day-to-day lives? Like, oh hello, I’m just wearing the tiara the Queen Of England lent to me, no big deal. Isn’t that what one does??

Prepare to swoon…

I need some kind of fall party to use an excuse to wear the Ethereal Floral Halo ($290).
The delicate accents on the Yves Halo ($450) make it easy to work into many different types of weddings.
Not a tiara or halo, but the Thea Back Drop Necklace ($260) scores major points
for having the same name as me.
Is the Avignette Halo ($260) the ideal Autumn wedding accent? I vote yes.
Now we’re getting somewhere! In full-on Athena mode, I’d wear my crown, err, Gilded Rosa Headpiece ($225).
Oh, this ol’ thing? Just something Mom had in a box somewhere.
You know, as one does with $600 tiaras.

Speaking of crazy, am I being that or I am right to think that the following looks could be rocked at the right type of party…?

I would wear the Sequined Alana Dress ($290) to a charity gala, or a New Year’s Eve party. Silly?
Also, I adore this photo!
The Embry Top ($120) & Petal Skirt ($220) are probably meant as a Mother of the Bride combo,
but I can see all kinds of events to wear this outfit, from the opera or a Broadway show
to the ballet or a charity function.
So yes I am insane, because I would wear this outfit to work, with a denim jacket over it.
Or to a nice dinner date with my boyfriend.
It’s the Cleo Top ($80) & Jane Skirt ($160), both of which I feel Anthropologie
should be marketing as regular items in addition to BHLDN goodies. Am I wrong?

Lastly, some of BHLDN’s wedding shoes strike me as being great for a wide range of events. I’m surprised that Anthropologie isn’t also marketing them among their greater product assortment…

Sparkly and comfy, wouldn’t the Jeni Flats ($140) be perfect for any formal occasion?
They’d look great under just about any long dress!
I love everything about the Gilt Lace Heels ($260)! What great dancing shoes these would be.
The Nimbus Wedges ($270) seem like great comfy wedges, and not just for a wedding!

These are a few of my favorite things from the BHLDN new arrivals, what do you like? Their sale is also highly worth checking out. I recently purchased this jumpsuit (which looks like a dress on, and is sold out as of this writing but may pop back) and wear it often to Sunday brunch!

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