In love with Pilcro…

The Pilcro Denim Jacket ($138), one of many Pilcro items I’m lusting after right now.
It’s also available in a lighter rinse

Anthropologie hasn’t added to its sale today but that’s alright because there is still plenty to talk about! I’ve noticed the retailer is taking small steps to up the quality of its in-house brands (small steps) and the biggest beneficiary so far seems to be Pilcro. While I’ve always liked the designs this Anthropologie-exclusive brand has, the over-the-day stretch of this brand used to be a big problem.

These days, not so much! And I’m truly delighted. This discovery took place when I purchased the Pilcro Hyphen Cuffed Mid-Rise Jeans ($138) in white, a less expensive and better-fitting alternative to the AG Stevie Cuff Jeans ($168). The Stevies rarely work on me anyway, but these Pilcros are amazing! They sit high enough on my waist to avoid sliding down around my hips and creating muffin top, yet they don’t cut off my circulation when I sit down. And they don’t stretch out much over the course of the day! Just an eensy little bit.

Intrigued, I’ve been dipping my toes into Pilcro more and more. My most recent purchase? The Pilcro Denim Jacket ($138) topping this post, a replacement for my well-worn and loved AG Robyn Jacket. I adore the dark blue rinse with hints of grey, and it’s very easy to cuff. (This post has a great outfit idea for the jacket.) I’ve also got two pairs of the Pilcro Hyphen Chino Shorts ($58) and the Pilcro Chino Skirt ($78) in moss — love the rose gold buttons!

My Pilcro wishlist currently has the Denim Chroma Skirt ($78) in honey, the floral patterned Stet Mid-Rise Jeans ($118) and the Parallel Mid-Rise Jeans ($158) in grant, though that price tag is really pushing it Anthro!

How do you feel about Pilcro these days? Have they won you over too?

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