Afternoon delight :: Fine feathery adornments

I am an absolute sucker for feathery adornments like the Josephine Feathered Necklace ($118)! I love the polka-dotted black feathers so very much. J.Crew had a similar necklace over the winter, which of course sold out in about two seconds. Since then I’d been thinking about that necklace…and then one day a few weeks ago while strolling through the Chelsea Market Anthropologie in NYC, I came across the Josephine Feathered Necklace ($118) in one of their jewelry cases. I was instantly smitten! And then I looked next to it, and saw the black-tipped brown version of the necklace!

It was all I could do to open my wallet and let the money go flying out. No, I thought to myself, it’s in the case so it must be super expensive. My budget does not allow this right now.

So I kept walking.

And then dammit, in another case, I came across these:

The super adorbs Warbler Earrings ($58), also by Serafina. Alright, I figured, if it’s in a case they’re probably expensive, but probably less expensive than the necklace so let’s just check on the price of these…

When I found out the earrings were only $58, I delighted! They came home with me immediately. Once home I did not find them online but this week they’ve finally made the website, along with other fine feathery delights like this Firebird Pendant Necklace ($78) and the coordinating Firebird Earrings ($58). I also have my eye on these cute aqua Momota Earrings ($58).

Oh, and this non-feathery but still beautiful Finix Necklace ($68). OK I’ll stop now. Maybe.

Anthro’s jewelry game = en pointe right now!

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