Lunch break: A killer deal at Piperlime

Doing some fall/winter shopping? Do you like percent off your purchases? Well then read on, because Piperlime has a pretty sweet deal going on right now — with an even bigger stackable discount for Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy cardholders.

I’m presenting this deal with a caveat — I know that in the past Piperlime hasn’t realized its codes stack sometimes, so while some people’s orders were allowed through the stacked orders may also be cancelled. So if you do partake please note that your order has about a 50% chance of actually shipping.

Want your order to have a 100% chance of shipping? Let’s cover those promos first. You can take 20% off your Piperlime order now through October 22, 2014 by using the code ACTFAST at checkout via this link.

Want a better deal? OK, how about 25% off when you sign 5 friends up for Piperlime emails via this link? Here’s what I’m thinking. If there are people in the community who’d be willing to share their emails in the name of helping someone earn 25% off that would be awesome! Maybe you don’t need anything from Piperlime right now…or maybe won’t be taking advantage of this sale, but still feel like doing some good for someone else who does want to shop the promo. Or maybe you just know 5 people that you can send this email too. (If you use multiple email addresses, now’s a really good time to leverage this.) After you send out the 5 emails you’ll receive a one-time use 25% off code that expires October 24, 2014.

It gets better still. Do you have a Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy credit card? If so, you can take an extra 15% off your order by entering the code SILVERDAY at checkout. As I mentioned above, this stackable code has the caveat that Piperlime may not realize this code is stackable, so your order has about a 50-50 chance of getting completed. Worth the risk to save an extra 15% though, right?

I plan to take advantage of this promo for a few things I’d wishlisted from Piperlime as part of my Fall 2014 shopping list: these delicious Kate Spade pumps, a new pair of AG Farrahs (though I can’t decide between the dark wash and the destroyed, any community thoughts?), these Seychelles flats in black (also carried by Anthropologie though not on sale), this warm-looking jacket.

Will you try this promo out?


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