Lunch Break: Anthropologie’s best dress design ideas are hiding on their own website

After a long and difficult hunt, I’ve found the Anthropologie dress designs I miss. The ones I’ve been craving and hoping against hope to return. The best part? They are all right on Anthropologie’s website already!

The tricky part is that these designs are only half-done. Why? Come on inside…

The designs I love are only half-done because they’re aprons.

Seriously. Have you checked out Anthropologie’s apron section recently? That’s where all the pretty dresses are hiding. Take the Stripes Abound Apron ($36) above. Putting aside the pockets, doesn’t this look like the perfect dress? Cute halter top with thick shoulder ties? Check. Flattering print placement at the bust, waist and on the skirt? Check? Easy to wear knee length? Check. Super adorable sash? CHECK. If this were a dress I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Why isn’t it a dress?

Let’s take a look at more of the evidence.

The Villa Apron ($42) has an adorable pattern. I also love the green color bands at the waist and neckline. Again we have a cute halter style top. Why isn’t this a dress?

Speaking of cute patterns…

…the Artichoke Apron ($42) has a potentially perfect all-season print. Admittedly the waist is a little low on this one, but look at the stripes on the bottom and the halter tie! Obviously dresses this cute would be illegal or something because otherwise this would totally be a dress.

This one has polka dots and a bow on the sash. A BOW. And it’s even cuter in the blue version! Good lord, why isn’t the Polka Pleats Apron ($32) a dress?!? (With a slightly higher neckline if it were a dress…)

Pattern doesn’t have to be the key either.

The Linen Utility Apron ($42) would make an excellent, functional maxi dress. Look at that shoulder tie! And the belt. Simple dresses with unique twists in the styling details. This is what I’ve always come to Anthropologie for. These are the thoughtful design elements that are missing from their normal dresses. It doesn’t need to be a super bold print to say Anthropologie. It doesn’t need to be overly quirky or have a weird shape or anything like that. All it needs is something special and a dream fit. I’d buy this as a maxi faster than you can say “Anthropologie”…

…and the Farine Apron ($42) is a cool bodycon option. Quite clearly Anthropologie has some amazing design ideas. They’re just all going towards aprons!!

Oh look. The Cafe Au Lait Apron ($32) has a long, slimming shape; cute design details and trim and even an adorable halter button-tie. Clearly it cannot be a dress! It is an apron! And yet I would totally buy this as a dress!

God the Tea-And-Crumpets Apron ($32) is so cute please make it into a dress and take my money now, Anthropologie!

I’m crying because the Breton Apron ($88) would make the perfect dress. But it’s not a dress. It’s an apron. I’m in love with the textured top in a burlap color, the thicker sash and halter tie and of course the striped skirt. It would be an unbelievably cute dress!

Am I alone here? Don’t these aprons remind you of the Anthro dress designs of yore? Can we start a petition to get these aprons made as dresses too???

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