Afternoon delight: An easy, killer late summer lip combo thanks to NARS

The incomparable Keri Russell

Every so often during my online clothing hunt I come across an item that makes me stop in my tracks, forget what I was doing and just drool. I may not need every item I want, I may not be able to afford every item I want, but I can certainly appreciate every item I want!

Today’s afternoon delight: Keri Russell’s lip color. When I first saw the photo above I simply gasped — what a beautiful, bold but not overdone lip. Although I often appreciate seeing stars with bright red lips or even dark bordeaux neither is a color I can pull off easily. I wondered if this pink above was something I could do. I headed over to NARS for my monthly makeup lesson and asked about recreating this look. It turned out to be very easy! I ended up with a slightly modified combination to recreate the look.

Recreating the look: NARS Yu Lip Pencil + NARS Turkish Delight Gloss 

If I just use the satin lip pencil I get the exact look Ms. Russell has above. By adding the gloss over it I get a more moisturized, shimmery look that’s slightly lighter. (Tip: line your lips with concealer before applying the pencil to get a sharp, crisp color line.) If the pink is a little too bold for your taste I will occasionally swap in NARS’s Roman Holiday pencil instead, which still gives a definitive pink in a lighter tone. If you purchase through NARS’s website right now you can get free second day shipping on orders over $50…love them so much….

What’s your afternoon delight today?

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