Afternoon delight: The Ideal Sunshine Maxi

Every so often during my online clothing hunt I come across an item that makes me stop in my tracks, forget what I was doing and just drool. I may not need every item I want, I may not be able to afford every item I want, but I can certainly appreciate every item I want!

I’ve spoken of my love for Temperley London before. Now many of the items I’ve been drooling over for months have gone on sale, making prices more within within my reach. Sadly the Long Ezra Dress I adored has sold out entirely but this Long Mina Dress above is currently in my sights. Yellow is a tricky color and to me this is the perfect color of sunshine I want to wear. I adore the bodice, especially the way those triangular lilts come down over the hips. The dress also comes in black and fuschia (also available here) but it’s the yellow that has my heart.

The dress comes in a few variations: a shorter version that I like but would like better if it had the same triangular panels (also in black here); and a tea dress that is sunny and fun feeling (also in black here). I’m hoping my sunshine maxi doesn’t sell out before my next paycheck arrives and my spending kitty refills.

What’s your afternoon delight today?

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