Off topic: Checking in with Free People

Ahh, Free People. How do you do it?
I so love this Wonder Woman Top ($59) and the Joaquin Metal Belt (now $90) paired with it.

Things are still pretty quiet on the Anthropologie front so I thought it’d be fun to check in with sister store Free People. Last fall I was magnetically drawn to a lot of what FP had to offer thanks in part to some items that would have felt right at home with Anthropologie. These days it’s a little backwards — some of Anthro’s items are making me wonder if I accidentally stepped into Free People. Meanwhile FP is trailing further out into boho for summer.

Inside, the stuff I like and might be able to wear…and the stuff I like that I could probably never, ever wear.

When I ask my guy his opinion on anything Free People he usually twists his face a bit and then starts trying to once again persuade me to move to California where this clothing would be right at home. (He’s more classic in his stylings, much like me during the work week.) He says the clothes look pre-worn and a little tattered.

I can’t argue with him. It’s probably the only store where you can call something the “Destruction in Lace Dress” and charge $500 for it. It’s all about the styling. Sometimes I’ll see a Free People piece on one of the flash sites months after its original retail run and wonder, what on Earth did I ever see in that?!? Major kudos are due to Free People’s styling team who make me think oh yes I totally need an unsupportive bra top because it looks so damn cool!

Above are some of the items I could either see Anthro carrying too or that look intriguing to me for my own closet. Tops right now is the Fitted With Daisies Dress ($128) which looks like a perfect summer option for weekend errands. I love the more open midsection. Right there with it is the Geo Embroidered Fit and Flare ($98) which I’d wear a slip under, or perhaps the Seamless Romper ($38) which I often wear under my Foiled Annabelle Dress ($128).

The Lax Floral Print Skirt ($58) could easily transform into a killer midcentury piece with the right blouse for work. And the Biya Graphic Embroidered Cardigan ($428) just looks comfy.

Then there are the pieces I’ll probably just admire from afar…

It’s not that I couldn’t wear a dress like the Geo Print Ruffle Frock ($108). It’s just that as soon as I start thinking about where I’d wear it or who I’d wear it with it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me. Something like the Moonlight Dancer Dress ($168) could be really fun with the right slip dress underneath to make it longer — closer to my knees.

Then there are the pieces I’d wear if I just had a place to wear them, like the incredible Echoing Ella Beaded Dress ($550) or the Studded Lace Party Dress ($300) — I wish I still had prom! — or the Embroidered Waist Party Maxi ($228) which just looks good lord amazing.

Come high summer I’ll probably find myself more tempted by the looser shapeless pieces like the Patchwork Crochet Tunic ($128) — so gorgeous — or the Peace Arrow Tunic ($128). I’ll likely never own the Everything is Rosey Romper ($168), but, well, it’s very pretty to look at!

We haven’t even looked at accessories yet…

Reese Clog ($138)

When I was a kid playing around with costume jewelry was one of my favorite games. A stone inside a necklace could be magic, this piece fit for royalty or that piece some long-lost and rediscovered by me ancient piece. Free People’s jewelry often takes me right back to that childhood happy place, especially with product names like the Regal Shield Body Chain ($800) which happens to look as cool as it sounds to me.

I’m also really digging their armbands right now, like the Stretch Upper Arm Band ($28) or the Metal Upper Armband ($28) that comes in many different metals and shapes. I never knew a Suede Floppy Hat ($58) could be so tempting until now! And while the weather is seriously heating up in NYC most days, I’m still rather enamored of the Bao Ankle Boot ($595).

Wishlist? It’s huge. Have you made any Free People purchases recently? What items from the store have caught your eye? Or is this all just too out there for your taste?

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