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Enjoy your vacation Roxy!

I know I look forward to a few things on vacation – a promise of savory local food, a whiff of fresh flowers in bloom, or a series of cobblestoned streets home to a few cute boutiques.

Or sometimes, I just want to see a serene beach like this one from a vacation to Phuket.

Raya Island by Chic n Cheap Living

My husband loves a nice, relaxing beach vacation so I have some experience packing for a sun-filled trip.

I like to keep it casual during the day – after all a beach vacation isn’t complete if I don’t get a little sand on my clothing and splash through a little ocean water right Hand me my straw hat and a book and I’m ready to lounge as long as the sun is shining. I recommend a shift dress, tunic, or tank dress to keep it simple and easy (sometimes I may put an extra one in the bag if my dress will definitely get wet).

Anthropologie Montecito bikini - saved by Chic n Cheap Living

These fun pieces would be perfect during the day:

Anthropologie smocked malee dress - saved by Chic n Cheap Living
Anthropologie Loja panama hat - saved by Chic n Cheap Living
Loja panama hat ($58)

Anthropologie Tumbaga sandals - saved by Chic n Cheap Living
Anthropologie Embellished chambray hobo - saved by Chic n Cheap Living

For the evening, I like to stay relaxed. I don’t bring heels unless I know we are going somewhere formal and if I changed shoes, I may wear wedges like the pointed cutout wedge ($178) to add a few elegant inches. I like to wear a maxi dress and scarf as well to stay chic while protecting myself from mosquitoes who seem to love the beach as well! Those two items also pull double duty in keeping me slightly warmer if the nights cool down a bit.

Here are a few fun pieces for a tropical evening:

Anthropologie Striped Empire day dress - saved by Chic n Cheap Living
Striped empire day dress ($98)

Anthropologie Chandi Crewlwork Scarf - saved by Chic n Cheap Living
Anthropologie kerchief cut pouch - saved by Chic n Cheap Living 1.26.30 AM

What pieces do you like to pack for the beach?

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