Inspiration: Tangerine Flicker Dress from Anthropologie (originally $358).

Hi there, Effortless Anthropologie readers!  I’m Sarah from Welcome to the Good Life and I’m thrilled to be guest posting here today to show you one of my favorite Anthropologie DIY’s I’ve done.  Like you, I love Anthropologie and own many items from the store, but sometimes while I’m browsing their items I say to myself, “Hey! I can make that!”  So I make a challenge to myself to make a DIY project, adding a touch of twist to it most of the time.  So would you like to take a look?

I found this dress online:
Very similar right?  You can still purchase the dress here.
(*update: it’s now sold out, sorry!)
I bought this lace from JoAnn’s.  Regular price is $7.99/yard but I used a 50% off coupon.  I found the same lace here on Etsy, but JoAnn’s is cheaper, even without the coupon(since you pay for shipping on Etsy.)
The best thing about this dress is that due to the elastic waist, I can also wear it as a maternity dress!  Here are some shots of me sporting the dress recently at 19 weeks pregnant.  
What you’ll need:
-A dress
-Approximately 4-5 yards of lace
-Sewing machine OR a hand needle
-Matching thread to the lace
-Liquid stitch
1. Pin the lace along the dress: on the skirt, the sleeves, and the chest.  
2. Sew the bottom half part of the lace onto the dress with a sewing machine or hand stitch.  I sewed the bottom, and then the middle part, so a total of two stitch lines.  
3. Using liquid stitch, glue the upper half part of the lace(the wavy, curvy part).  
4. Let the liquid stitch dry overnight.
Estimated Time: 1.5 hours(not counting drying time)
Skill Level: a confident beginner
Price: $65
The non-maternity photographs by Jessica Peterson.
The maternity photographs by my husband.
I hope you liked my project!  And maybe it gave you a little motivation to make your own Anthro DIY! 😉   You can view all my other Anthropologie DIY’s here.  Thanks for having me, Roxy!

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