Reviews: Sequined Suelta Skirt, Crystallized Fuchsia Skirt, Blomma Cross-Stitched Skirt, Piped Lace Pencil Skirt, Vermatt Flounced Sweater Skirt, Jacquard Sweater Pencil Skirt, Wildflower Knit Pencil Skirt, Ide Lace Skirt

I just can’t with this hair. In this set: the Sequined Suelta Skirt ($128), shown here

When they hit at the knee I’ve been very pleased with Anthropologie’s skirts recently. They’ve reached inwards and come up with some pretty, classic designs given a twist. It’s exactly what I hope for. Will their newest arrivals continue that trend? Let’s take a look at some of the latest skirt options.

Sequined Suelta Skirt ($128) by Moulinette Souers, TTS
STYLE # 25895517; crimson (096)

Note: If you’re wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they’re detailed on this page.

The Sequined Suelta Skirt ($128) is a pencil skirt with some flounce at the bottom hem, creating a line that is both body-hugging and not. I’m not sure why the online product shot makes this skirt look so A-line when it’s clearly not; the catalogue shot is for once closer to the truth. This skirt makes me think bordello lampshade but there’s no denying my love for sequins.

This dress is all cotton of a slightly stiff variety. I was hoping the bottom flounce would be softer than it is but I am happy for the overall structure of the skirt which sucks everything in nicely. This dress is hilariously listed as being 14 inches long on Anthropologie’s website. Let’s go with 22 inches, shall we? The skirt hits right at my knee. It has a concealed side zip that’s red just like the skirt.

Fitwise I found my usual 10 to be perfect. Those with apple or boyish shapes may want to size up because the waist nips in, which is great for curvy gals like me with smaller waists to plentiful hips but may cause issues for straighter shapes. Unlike the online reviewer I wouldn’t worry too much about sweaters snagging against the skirt. But I would worry about sequins falling off. They seem well-sewn but are small and delicate. So at the end we agree that a top ending right at the waist is probably your best pairing with this skirt.

I like the idea of pairing this skirt with a peasant blouse. I’d go for the more modern Slanted Lace Peasant Blouse ($118, review upcoming) over the Stitched Medallions Peasant Top ($98) Anthro chose. You want to escape the bordello feeling as much as possible.

Here’s a full-length shot to give you an idea of the proportions in real life:

I’m wearing the skirt with the Stripe-Moss Cardigan (now $70, review), a pairing I would not replicate in real-life. It’s just for fitting room purposes.

This skirt is well-made and flatters curves nicely. For now, wishlisted!

Crystallized Fuchsia Skirt ($128) by Vanessa Virginia, TTS
STYLE # 25966946; red motif (069)

Mid-calf skirts are always a challenge for me, yet I always hope that one will work. The Crystallized Fuchsia Skirt ($128) is a long A-line with a beautiful firework-like floral design offset to one side that looked promising to me on the rack. It’s cotton with a full lining, a side zip and a defined waistband. The beautiful purple explosion of flowers (really, Anthro, you call this red motif?) is not perfectly matched at the right side seam but close enough to produce a kaleidoscope-like hypnosis effect. There is a bit of red mixed into the pattern, as well as white, pink, a hint of green and silver. It’s stunning.

The online product shot indicates this skirt is supposed to pleat from waist to hem. That would have helped me quite a bit — the skirt I tried in-store fell mostly straight with pleats only down at the bottom hem. As a result I felt rather wide in this skirt. A 10 fit fine and was comfortably loose at the waist, that’s my usual size.

One odd thing I did notice is the zipper causes some puckering at the sides above the pocket, creating a hump of sorts at your high hip. You can see it if you lead your eye straight down from my iPhone in the left shot above, and you can also see it in this model shot on the product page:

If even the model has puckering there’s no avoiding it for the rest of us. Pretty skirt but I wish it were knee-length. Back to the rack.

Blomma Cross-Stitched Skirt ($128) by Maeve, TTS
STYLE # 25893611; ref motif (069)

Pom-poms! I know a community member had mentioned that the Blomma Cross-Stitched Skirt ($128) she saw in-store didn’t have the adorable bottom trim but in my stores all the skirts did. I wonder if this was a recall mistake on our tipster’s part or if perhaps there are different versions of this skirt floating out there? Or perhaps she confused this skirt and the Piped Lace Pencil Skirt ($128) I’ll take on in just a second. Whatever the reason it’s no matter — community reports are always appreciated and I’m just delighted that the pom-poms made it into production.

Can you tell I love this skirt? It’s so beautiful and wintery and festive. I love the winter white base with its frosty mix of raised white dots, and grey and red stitching. A simple side-zip kept getting stuck at the waistband so I left it just a smidge undone although the skirt was not tight. It is cut straight with just a hint of A down the sides. There is little stretch in the cotton material. Large side-slant pockets are functional but will cause bulk.

I found my usual size 10 pleasantly loose at the waist but just right over my hips and curvy thighs. Anything lower would be too tight I’m sure. The skirt hit the top of my knee caps and you could size up easily for more length. I forsee so many styling possibilities with this skirt.

Here’s a full-length shot:

I’m wearing the skirt with Porcelain’s Colorblock Lace Tee ($118, review upcoming). Again this is just a fitting room look, not a styling suggestion.

Adorable skirt at an affordable price ($98 would have been better though). Sitting in my cart as we speak.

Piped Lace Pencil Skirt ($128) by Tabitha, size down
STYLE # 26229328; black motif (009)

Another winter white skirt worth loving is Tabitha’s Piped Lace Pencil Skirt ($128). Swoon-worthy? You bet. Here are some reasons why. The design matches up exactly at both side seams on every skirt in every size I saw in-store. The pattern is a mix of printed design and 3D appliques and embroidery. The red piping is an inspired design choice (I just wish it was on a slant instead of perfectly straight). And like its cousin the Blomma Cross-Stitched Skirt ($128) just above this skirt is festive yet wintery, sure to be a hit through the colder months.

This skirt is soft cotton with a hint of stretch. The slim pencil shape releases to a straight fit below the butt, meaning it’s not hard to walk in. It does slide up a bit as you walk though. It hit me slightly above my knee, about an inch or so.

I was pleased with how this skirt did against my curves. Although it’s not cutting in at the waist as much as I’d like, it is creating an eye-pleasing straight line from the widest part of my hips down to my knees. I found a 10 was too big here so I’m in an 8 for the shots above. It’s safe to size down due to the stretch.

Want to see a close-up of the design? Here you go:

Note the top and bottom stripe are printed on the skirt while the middle stripe is an appliqued dot trim. And everything lines up perfectly on the seam!! Beautiful work Anthropologie.

A stunning skirt that I want to make mine. I like the Blomma Skirt a little better than this one so that skirt takes priority. This one is wishlisted!!!

Vermatt Flounced Sweater Skirt ($128) by Sparrow, size down
STYLE # 25921867; grey motif (008)

I’m impressed that Anthropologie was able to create a flattering trumpet sweater skirt. Meet the Vermatt Flounced Sweater Skirt ($128), a muted mix of steely blue greys that takes the neutral approach to winter. I am soooooo disappointed that the main ingredient in this concoction is acrylic. Can’t give that any more than 3 stars. There’s also wool — which should have been the majority component — and linen, which gives the rough stitchwork something to grab onto. I love the slight messiness of the skirt, with purposely handmade like details. That every stitch is not perfect makes it all the more beautiful to me.

Your sizing here will depend on where you want the skirt to sit. Also keep in mind that there’s an elastic waistband and a generous amount of stretch. I’m in a large above which hit at my knees but was also pretty loose in the waist. I liked the overall fit of the medium better and I think it would be better as the skirt stretches and relaxes over the course of the day. But the medium was an inch or so shorter on me which is a downside. So stay with your true size if length is your primary concern; size down if stretch worries you.

Had this skirt been mainly wool it would have gotten 4 stars. I love the way Anthropologie’s visual styled this skirt in the last product shot. If I buy this skirt I will try something similar. For now, wishlisted!

Jacquard Sweater Pencil Skirt ($88) by Sparrow, TTS
STYLE # 25922618; brown motif (029)

If you prefer your sweater skirts in pencil form try Sparrow’s Jacquard Sweater Pencil Skirt ($88). Although the color palette looks a little muddy in these shots you’ll have to trust me in saying that the blue pops a lot more in real life. It has me saying something I haven’t in awhile: this Anthropologie piece is perfectly work-appropriate. I hate the way this skirt feels to the touch. It’s got a slightly rubbery texture that’s likely brought on by its acrylic, nylon, pukey synthetic composition. Wool, Anthropologie. We want wool! There’s also just a drop of cashmere in the skirt which is nice I suppose.

After my recent experiences with Sparrow sweater skirts I figured I could size down to a medium. But judging by these photos above I should have stuck with my usual size large. The skirt tapers in beginning over the thighs, right where I’m curviest. A large would be more flattering I’m guessing. I like the light feeling of this skirt. The material is thick and warm but it does not make you feel weighed down.

I’m so pleased Anthropologie has created a sleek winter work skirt! Now if they could just trade in the nasty synthetics for organic material this skirt would get 4 stars. As it is, wishlisted!!

Wildflower Knit Pencil Skirt ($118) by Bordeaux, TTS
STYLE #  26554519; grey motif (008)

Bordeaux takes the sweater pencil skirt one degree further with its long, body-hugging Wildflower Knit Pencil Skirt ($118). Another muted color palette means this skirt also works for work although the bodycon fit may be a problem in conservative offices. I really like the idea of this skirt. The muted floral pattern is lovely and classic and the longer silhouette hits below the knee without becoming a mid-calf problem.

Still, the fit makes this skirt more trouble than its worth for me. Hello, thighs o’thunder. The large I tried on was very loose at the waist. I would not be able to size down to a medium though; the stretch over my thighs would be deadly. This skirt is cut to hug and the thin acetate spandex material does me no favors. Perhaps with a shaper on underneath but I hate those things. I like my curves and prefer to wear items that flatter them.

Beautiful skirt, poor fit for curves. A pass for me.

Ide Lace Skirt ($98) by Meadow Rue, size down
STYLE #  26004770; wine (061)

Here’s another skirt where I’m captivated by the idea but displeased by the fit. This is Meadow Rue’s Ide Lace Skirt ($98). I can see some starlet like Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan or Michelle Williams rocking this skirt. Probably with something like Corey Lynn Calter’s Peter-Pan Paillettes Sweater ($168) which you see peeking down here and will be covered in an upcoming reviews set. But this design is the very definition of not for my body type. It falls incredibly straight from the waist. It looks vintage at the youngest and antique at the oldest. The style needed to carry this is not in my repertoire.

I found this skirt to run quite large. Size down for sure — I’m in a medium above which was still loose in the waist. The length is also challenging. This skirt brushed me about two inches above my ankle, just below the calf. I’m wearing the Raja Glitter Pumps ($158, review upcoming) here and they have 4 inch heels. Without them this skirt would be just a few inches off the floor.

While it does not work for me this skirt is very well-made. The lace design is beautiful and the rayon material is to be expected here. It’s not overly fragile nor is it too fussy. Maybe with some styling help I could make this work. For now, back to the rack.

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