Reviews: Pleated as You Please Jacket, Fisherman’s Companion Sweatercoat, Cloaked In Roses Jacket, Thornbury Tank, Karelia Coat, Handpainted Poppies Sweatercoat

Beautiful coats and fun jackets below! I recently reviewed another crop of coats and such in this post — so head over there as well if you want more outerwear reviews.

Tabitha continues to tempt with me with their plethora of pretty jackets. The latest addition to my wishlist is the Pleated as You Please Jacket ($138). I passed this jacket by several times before finally trying it on. I doubted that it would flatter me. I should know better by now.

I tried on a 10, my usual size in jackets. Though the fit is boxy, leaving some extra material around my midsection, I didn’t mind because the fit over my chest was perfection. I feared the pleats would be contorted somehow but they’re not at all. Fantastic!! Note the shoulder pleats as well, which lend just a touch of military to these taupe coat. My mind started racing with the outfit possibilities.

The material mix is mostly lightweight wool so this is not going to be your winter coat…though if you live in a warmer climate it could be. I envision this as a mid-layer — what I wear over my blouses and under my winter coat. I love the model shot that pairs this with the Firewing Blouse ($198, review here). The possibilities are endless and I hope that a giftcard is in my future so I can buy this jacket. It’s in my cart as we speak.

Sleeping on Snow’s Fisherman’s Companion Sweatercoat ($168) looked so warm and comfortable on the rack. I needed to try it on. After deliberating on the size by holding the sweatercoat up against my body, I decided to try on a medium.

This was the right call. The sweater is pretty loose, though the buttons are pulling for some unknown reason. I don’t think the product shot does a good job of showing the beautiful color contrast on this sweater. The interior is a warm cinnamon-like brown while the top is a brighter shade of ivory. It’s so nice and warm without being itchy. The ample side pockets are perfect for holding a remote, my iPhone, or keeping my hands warm. I see myself wearing this to shake the chills in my apartment, though at full price it’s a bit expensive to be a house coat. So I’ve wishlisted it for now to wait for sale.

One of the Rockefeller Center SAs pushed me to try on Charlie & Robin’s Cloaked In Roses Jacket ($178), and I’m so glad she did! It’s not a jacket I’d normally go for but I loved it on! It’s got a double-buckle closure though the medium was roomy enough that I just put it on pullover style.

The base of this jacket is boiled wool, with lace carefully stretched over it. It’s so beautiful. The greyish-purple underlayer lends an almost icy quality to this blazer, while the lace looks like snow carefully dusted over the top. It’s actually quite romantic in my opinion. An unexpected love that I hope to buy once it hits sale. Wishlisted!

The jacket was displayed over Bailey 44’s Thornbury Tank ($118) so I decided to recreate the look. It not only looked nice under the jacket, it also worked well on its own. This beautiful purple velvet tank features a heavily worked top half, like the halters I used to wear as a kid. 
I tried my usual size medium. While it felt comfortable on I noticed pulling towards my hips in these photos. I guess that means I need to buy a large. That would be better anyway I think as the chest was somewhat close-fitting in the medium. As usual with Bailey 44 my only quibble is the price. Rayon and spandex and over $100? Please. Wishlisted and definitely, definitely waiting for sale. Definitely.

I tried on the Karelia Coat ($248) from Elevenses a few weeks ago, and to my surprise it’s already sold out online! I really shouldn’t be shocked; even when I saw it in-store only a few sizes were left. I had to try a 6 as it was the largest size available at the time. It was too tight around the hips, but I’m sure an 8 would work.

Though the pattern reminds me a little bit of my parents’ living room carpet I must say I loved this coat! It’s got a truly luxurious handmade feel to it. Beautiful. The toggle closures are appended by a zip. It’s a nice choice and I love the faux fur collar with traces of both light and dark faux animal hair. My Deep Woods Toggle Coat is very similar to this (just, uh, grey instead of patterned) yet I find myself wanting this coat too. Hmm. Wishlisted for further deliberation.

I had several requests for a review of the Handpainted Poppies Sweatercoat ($298). I was only too happy to comply. Luckily a couple of the NYC stores already have this in stock. I tried it on at Soho though I also saw it in Chelsea Market. This Sleeping on Snow sweater is nearly gone online already and from what I hear it won’t be re-stocked. So if you want it, get it now!

Is it worth full price? Absolutely in my opinion. I tried on the medium which was a great fit. Each flower has a high level of detail, from the dyed wool to the stitched petals to the dappled stigmas. The collar adds a whole other level of craftsmanship with its own beautiful embroidery. The pattern continues onto the back of the coat (shown below).

The sleeves are nice and long on this coat. It was shown cuffed in-store though you can easily unroll them. I like the flowers on the sleeves; they’re like bracelets. The wool isn’t super thick though so I don’t think this would keep you warm on days below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I do think this coat will shed a little bit over the first few wears before settling into its perfect state. Sigh. I’m in love! Wishlisted, though I don’t expect this coat’s stock to last much longer.

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