Off the beaten path…Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest

screen capture from Apartment Therapy

Full disclosure: I heart Apartment Therapy. Though their modern-minimal style is sometimes a bit over the top for me the site serves as inspiration for those of us who live in tiny spaces. Plus I love how founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan took an idea and built a successful business out of it. Kudos, sir.

Each year AT runs a contest to find the smallest, coolest apartment in their aptly named Small Cool Contest. (Full disclosure #2: I totally entered last year.) This year one of the entries features an Anthropologie employee (photo above, see the full entry here). The first time I was reviewing the entry I thought, “huh, this apartment has a distinctly Anthropologie-esque feel to it,” and completely glazed over the fact that one of the residents worked there. Sorry for linking to it too late to vote for that particular entry. You only have 48 hours from posting to vote for each entry. You must also register for the site (it’s free!) in order to vote.

The winner wins $10,000 in gift certificates from Room & Board which is a frickin awesome prize! That may only be enough to buy a lamp…maybe a really nice chair. But the chance of winning is kind of, well, small and cool. It’s more about getting kudos and suggestions on your living space.


  1. April 8, 2009 / 1:01 am

    I happened upon your blog when I was looking up ideas for Anthro styles on a Web search one day… I love your blog! I also am an Anthro-aholic (is that a word???) Truly I need help, but wouldn't want it if anyone reached out anyway. Nonetheless, I am part of the AT Cure right now and I would love to have entered the Small Cool contest but afraid that my place is over the "small" category… boo hoo! I missed this one! Gosh it's gorgeous! Just beautiful! Anthro's is one of my biggest inspirations for my decorating… why I was just there today! Thanks for your blog!

  2. April 8, 2009 / 2:35 pm

    woah! i thought my first apartment was tiny. i thought it was so small that when my now husband and i moved in together we moved to an apartment twice the size. my small apartment was 506 sq feet. how do you live in 270 sq feet?! yet, when i see the photos it doesn't look cramped or anything. that's a really cool competition (and your apartment is cute!!)

  3. April 9, 2009 / 12:39 pm

    It wasn't so bad living in 270 sq. feet. I just thought of it as living in the college dorms again. Plus it was laid out well — separate kitchen with a private backyard. What drove me NUTS was the thin walls and ceilings and inconsiderate neighbors. I've since moved into a new apartment downtown and my mental health has improved greatly. Miss that apartment, not the neighbors.

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