Off the beaten path…Urban Outfitters tempts me, makes me silly

Gah! Isn’t the dress above super cute? It’s the Kimchi Blue Striped Sundress ($58) at Anthropologie’s sister-slash-parent brand Urban Outfitters. Nothing fancy; just a nice throw me on and run out the door Spring comfy dress.

I want this dress! However I have a bit of a dilemma. You see Urban Outfitters likes to taunt anyone with anything resembling curves. Yeah, you could argue that UO is for college students but that’s a lie. Here in NYC I regularly see shoppers of all ages there. I guess I’m just in shape denial when I see cute things like this.

I seem to do OK in their tops but not so much in dresses. Here’s about how 90% of Urban Outfitters dresses go for me: medium fits great everywhere but the chest. Large is swimmy but fits the chest. For a moment I seriously considered buying a medium and a large and Frankensteining them into a Roxy-appropriate garment. But that would be silly. Crazy even. Mwahahaha!

(PS Urban Outfitters: I bought this same bracelet from you in 2001. It was $18 then. Thank you for not inflating your prices!)

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