Site update! Slouchy tops and billowy bottoms

Anthropologie updated their homepage and truly seems to be embracing the flowiness right now. First they highlight ‘slouchy tees‘ which I’d politely suggest renaming free-flowing tops. Lots of cute ones to choose from like the Steep Stairs Tank ($78) which was part of Right Angle in their Geometry cycle last week or the The-Look-Back Tank ($68) which is gorgeous coming or going.

Next you can flip through the From the Hip catalogue (my thoughts here) or you can shop bottoms up. Best to ignore the harem pants.

Anthro chooses to showcase short hemlines (if ya got it, show it off!); slim capris; voluminous skirts and the paper-bag. My personal favorite is probably…wait a tick, did they call one of the looks the paperbag? Yes, yes they did.

(…does research…hold musak plays…)

OK, the Goog reveals that this refers to the paperbag waistline which was popular in the 1980s. And it’s making a comeback. The Drive-In Skirt ($78) shown in the shot is quite appealing so I will give the trend name a pass. But this is a dangerous slippery slope to elastic waistbands. Shudder. I’m scared that the four horsemen of the fashion bottom apocolypse are dangerously close to being realized: harem pants, elastic waistbands, tapered jeans and acid wash. After that the whole fashion world goes dark and only Karl Lagerfeld’s glove is left behind to design. Beware the Ides of March plus 2?

(I tease because I adore.)

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