Where to find the perfect athleisure outfit sneakers? Oh, look…

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You’ve noticed the athleisure trend isn’t going away and you’ve decided to fully embrace it. You’ve got the right combination of athletic gear and stylish gear to get you to and from the gym. (Or, at least in my case, pretty much anywhere on the weekend.) All you’re missing is that perfect pair of athleisure sneakers…and sneakers are expensive.

Or so you thought! This post is devoted to the ideal sneakers to finish off your athleisure outfit. Picking the perfect athleisure sneakers under $100 doesn’t have to be easy — in fact, thanks to DSW it’s actually quite easy. They must be watching the trends closely because I’ve noticed that for Spring 2018 their sneaker collection is better than ever. That’s great news for me, because I spend my days trotting all over Manhattan for work, often to the tune of 17,000+ steps per day. Even really high quality sneakers are only meant to last a year or two so I’m replacing mine often.

This year? DSW has me totally covered and looking ever-more cute. I won’t dilly dally, below are my top picks from their current selection. Whether you prefer Nike, Adidas, Converse, Brooks or some other brand you’ll find stylish options galore in the boutique below. Now all I have to do is hope for a promotion very soon! How about you? What athletic shoe do you love?

By the way, I’ll eventually write my own guide to athleisure dressing, but if you’d like some inspiration in the meantime, this guide on Crystalinmarie is comprehensive and filled with super stylish visual inspiration! Tell her Roxy sent ya. If you want to find some classic pieces to mix into your athleisure outfits, I highly recommend checking out my Old Navy picks post — you can get 40% off your order today only. One more invitation — follow me on Facebook to get shopping suggestion quick guides like this multiple times per week!



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