Here’s how to get the maximum discount during J.Crew’s Mystery % off Sweaters promo…

J.Crew is playing the promo pricing game with sweaters.
With so many cute ones to choose from, I’m playing! You can too, with maximum results…

Does your sweater collection need a little rounding out? J.Crew’s latest sweater releases are ultra-cute and right now they are offering a mystery discount on full-price and select promo-priced sweaters.

Want the highest amount possible? Get the code inside, plus picks…

Take 30% off the Lightweight Wool Bow Sweater ($80), which also comes in navy and light pink.
Find out how below.

You like J.Crew sweaters, you want one or a few, and you want the maximum discount possible! I get it and the Interwebs tell us 30% off is the most you can get. Use the code ZY3BU at checkout.

If you haven’t peeked at J.Crew’s sweaters lately you’ve been missing out on pretties like…
1 | The Side-Slit Sweater with Ties ($80 + 30% off), which would be ultracute for layering.
2 | The gorgeous neckline of the Tippi Beaded Sweater ($98 + 30% off). The Tippi sweaters have 3/4 sleeves and a slightly shrunken fit. I don’t find it the best fit for my figure, but on smaller busts and more petite people, it’s lovely.
3 | The Ruffle Tippi Sweater in Mermaid Floral ($85 + 30% off) has a beautiful, bold print that will match well with a pencil skirt for work. It’s a statement for sure!
4 | I talked yesterday about how much I love the Tulle-Hem Cardigan Sweater ($128 + 30% off)! The navy is quickly selling out while the dusk-buff looks fully stocked at the moment. I found it to run true to size. I shot two OOTDs with this one but I don’t think they’ll be ready to run for at least another week.
5 | Another sweater I mentioned yesterday is the Italian Cashmere Mixed-Stripe Crewneck Sweater ($228 + 30% off). Look for an OOTD with this one very soon. It runs true to size yet feels a bit oversized on, and has thinner contrast stripes in the back. Though it keeps selling out online, the NYC stores for instance have plentiful stock.
6 | I mention the Striped V-Neck Sweater in Cotton-Merino Wool (now $70 + 30% off) because it’s so wonderful and versatile! And such a steal now too.
7 | Like a long cardigan but don’t want tulle at the bottom? Check out the Merino Wool Cardigan Sweater ($90 + 30% off).
8 | I’m so happy that J.Crew is getting back to its bowed and ruffly ways. Another favorite bow option of mine is the Jackie Tie-Neck Cardigan Sweater in Stripes ($90 + 30% off).
9 | Speaking of the Jackie, this slightly cropped 3/4 length sleeved timeless cardigan comes in a beautiful wool, a classic cotton, and shells in wool and cotton to match.
10 | The Italian Cashmere Thin-Striped Sweater ($348 + 30% off) is such a beauty! I can see wearing a denim jacket over it with cute jeans and heels.

Remember to use the code ZY3BU at checkout to get your 30% off! Will you take advantage of this promo now that the mystery has been solved? What J.Crew sweaters do you like right now?

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