Earn up to a $1,500 at this retailer now!

Neiman Marcus’s Gift Card Event is back!

One of my favorite luxury brand’s promos is back! Right now, Neiman Marcus is running its Gift Card Event, during which you can earn a gift card on your full-price purchase worth up to $1,500 towards a future purchase.

Unlike some retailers who seem to hide which items are promo-eligible and which are not, Neiman Marcus makes it very easy to tell with orange text below qualifying items & above the product name on product pages.

I love this promo for the chance it gives me to save on some of my favorite designers! Inside, picks for your wishlist and shopping cart…

Say it with me: lavender leather jacket!! Squee! More on this one below.

Items from both Neiman Marcus and its contemporary shop CUSP are included in this Gift Card Event. It can be overwhelming when you first click into the promo and see the incredible amount of items included! So if you like more contemporary clothing the first thing you may want to do is filter down to CUSP items only.

From there my next strategy is to filter down to designers I love, one at a time. Although this does mean I might miss out on great items by designers I don’t know, it does help me stay focused. And I can always go back and look at everything later if I want to.

With that said, here are some of my picks by my favorite designers…

Warm-weather perfection, courtesy of Joie.

I nearly always start out with Rebecca Taylor, a brand that specializes in soft, feminine perfection. This year RT has a lot of leather in its Spring collection (something you will see at many retailers) and I’m loving it! And this brings me to my next strategy, which you can use straight or in reverse: often I’ll spend more now to get the bigger gift card which helps me towards future purchases. So that lavender leather jacket I pictured a little further up in the post? I’d probably buy that now and then put the gift card I receive towards this cute leather and floral look directly above.

Some other Rebecca Taylor items I love include this Confetti Tweed Cap-Sleeve Dress ($395) and this Tweed Contrast-Lace Sleeveless Dress ($495) — both perfect for work; this Lambskin Leather Peplum Jacket ($995) and this Fringe-Hem A-Line Suiting Skirt ($325).

Here are some of my other picks from around this fantastic promotion:
1 | You’ve probably seen the Rebecca Minkoff Love Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag ($295) all over Instagram on your favorite bloggers, because it looks just like a Chanel bag at a fraction of the price. I am debating which is the better value myself; these probably won’t hold high resale value but a Chanel costs literally thousands of dollars more.
2 | I also really like the denim version of the RM crossbody…
3 | …and the small black version too.
4 | The Foxglove Floral-Print Silk Wrap Dress ($338) by Joie would be perfect for work with a blazer on top, and then after work switch to a cardigan or wrap in Spring.
5 | I also adore Joie’s Eloisa Bike Sweater ($298). The print is so cute!
6 | As well as their Juanita Floral-Embroidered Bomber Jacket ($398), though you can find similar versions of this much less expensively elsewhere.
7 | If lavender is too tricky a leather jacket color for you, there’s also this amazing white one.
8 | I’ve wanted these leather crops since Fall…perhaps it’s time to finally invest in them!
9 | With Spring not too far off I’m starting to think about white jeans, and AG has a couple of beautiful promo-included options. First up, the Legging Ankle Skinny ($168).
10 | Then, the Prima Mid-Rise Cigarette ($178).
11 | If black jeans are more your thing AG has the good-fitting Prima Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans ($178).
12 | I also enjoy these Legging Distressed Ankle Jeans ($225) quite a bit!
13 | Theory has so many great work options for me! I love this entire outfit. I’d wear it with dusty pink shoes to pop in some more color.
14 | The Tralsmin New Divide Oversize Moto Jacket ($595) is the perfect long moto jacket. It even has cuff zippers on the sleeves! So warm, and a non-leather option. It will still be cold here for at least another month and I’m strongly considering getting this coat now.
15 | It’s excluded from this promo (boo!) but I also have to mention my new love, the Chloe Faye Mini Leather Backpack ($1,490). I’m stalking it in blue!

Another great route to go with this promo is to stock up on shoes! I’d love a pair of Manolo Blahnik BB Suede 105mm Pumps ($595) in blue…what are you looking at during this promotion?


  1. Arielle
    February 16, 2017 / 5:11 am

    I'm sort of wondering, if you have $10K to drop, are you really incentivized by a cash-back promotion? I really don't know, curious.

    • February 16, 2017 / 12:21 pm

      Absolutely! I don't plan to spent $10k but there is a designer bag I want, and knowing that I'll get a generous amount of gift cards toward a future purchase factors greatly into where I'll buy it. (As would a promo % off, but most designer bags are excluded from those.)

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