It’s the End of Cyber Monday as we know it and these deals feel fine…

Please tell me you’ve at least checked out Boden’s pretty Octavia Dress ($228 + 30% off)!!?

The holiday shopping season is only beginning but the Cyber Monday deals around the webby world are coming to an end in just a few short hours. If it’s all too much for you I totally understand yet personally I can’t get enough of these fun shopping deals! It kicks off the much-vaunted gift buying (and gift giving season) which I adore…with a few gifts for me too.

So before Cyber Monday bids its 2016 adieu, I just want to make sure you…
1 – Checked out the stunning Octavia Dress ($228, above) at Boden, part of the 30% off promo that ends tonite?
2 – Aren’t missing out on this fabulous necklace that’s been a wardrobe staple of mine for 2+ years now? At 25% off?
3 – Don’t need sparkly moccasins, or maybe suede ones?
4 – Have everything you want and want to gift from Anthro sale for the time being, including this classic Anthro top, while it’s an extra 30% off?
5 – Don’t need to grab anything else from Anthro while full price stuff is 20% off and there’s free shipping on orders of $150+, even latte bowls or the mini version? Ornaments too?
6 – Saw these extra cute many-colored mercury candle holders that are on super-sale?
7 – Get a chance to see this very cool puzzle gift, perfect for friends in art or design that’s 15% off?
8 – Have no need for this beautiful rose garland that’s part of my holiday decor this year, and also 15% off?
9 – Feel confident that your closet is good without these boots, or these, or these, or these, all 30% off through tonite?
10 – Didn’t miss out on the chance to score these comfy weekend kicks for 25% off?
11 – Are all set on extra 20% off sale items, like this comfy robe that is winter perfection or this adorable one?
12 – Are all set on your jeans collection, especially these high-waist beauties, with 30% off ending tonite?
13 – Are pretty sure your pineapple-loving friend has everything, including these shot glasses that are 25% off (or dessert or amuse bouche vessels, for your non-drinking friends!)?
14 – Have already seen this adorable leather zip wallet that comes in such fun colors and is 40% off through tonite?
15 – Finally realized I was right about how great Banana Republic bags are, and with 50% off today picked up this one, or maybe this one, perhaps this one, or was it this one? (Good choices!)
16 – Decided that you deserved new pumps and turned to this midheel from Boden for 30% off, also available in a higher height? I can’t blame you; I got this pair for myself.
17 – Took a look through Amazon’s plethora of Cyber Monday deals and hopefully picked up some great gifts and perhaps some things you wanted or needed too? (I bought a new cast iron pan and several gifts, including a beautiful mixer for a friend who’s been longing for it, at half off!)
18 – Saw this coat at Club Monaco, and like I did, realized what a great gift it would make after the 35% off?
19 – Want to buy this dress at Shopbop and worry about finding a party to wear it to later? (It’s 20% off.) So maybe you did? Not that I speak from personal experience or anything…
20 – Have printed off your Ikea coupon already? Perhaps used it too?
21 – Got all the NARS lipsticks you need to get you through winter, especially this one?
22 – Saw these Sam Edelman boots Anthropolitan mentioned the other day, and perhaps took advantage of the $75 off? Or at least drooled over them for an appropriate amount of time?
23 – Got all the Voluspa Votive Sets ($40 + 20% off) you need to gift?
24 – Added this 30% off Boden dress, and maybe this one too, to your wishlist or your closet?
25 – Were able to grab this J.Crew pajama set, and the coordinating robe too, before they sold out online? (Or hunted them down in a store like I did, thanks Very Personal Shopper Shannon!!!) 40% off is a big deal after all!

Ok, good! Just wanted to make sure. You can see the full rundown of Cyber Monday deals, a couple of which last through tomorrow but mostly end tonight, in this post.

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