Nine Things I’m Loving at Anthropologie this morning…

Anthropologie boot season is making a strong debut this year!
I’m head over heels for the Matson Knee Boots ($228).

We’re in that weird zone where it’s still very much summer outside but fall clothes are becoming ever more present on websites and in stores. Personally, I wish August were the debut of the last summer stuff. How fun would it be to buy one last lightweight white thingie? Since it’s not, I’m trying to shift my mind towards what lies ahead.

For instance, the newest thing I love at Anthropologie is the Rowan Maxi Sweater Dress ($268). Yes that’s right, a sweaterdress. A sleeveless sweaterdress no less! Very brave Anthro, and yet I love it. I love the idea of it sleeveless on balmy September evenings, later to be covered by a huge blanket cardigan once the chill settles in towards November. The other dress I’m loving is the Archipelago Dress ($138) in the blue motif I’d never noticed before; it’s at least a bit more appropriate for the current weather situation. The lighter color of the Evanthe Dress ($168) also has my eye.

In tops-land I think the new Desi Blouse ($68) is just beautiful, and the Zosia Poplin Tunic ($88) may not actually be a tunic but it looks great on the shoulder or off! The playful pattern of the Framework Midi Skirt ($178) has me swooning, while the Lace-Up Denim Skirt ($118) offers a more practical purpose.

Meanwhile the decidedly impractical KMB Neske Wedges ($148) are my second favorite Anthro shoes right now, after the Matson Knee Boots ($228) topping this post. Which brings us full circle with the nine things I love at Anthro today.

What are some of your current Anthropologie faves? New stuff perhaps?

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