An Ode to my new J.Crew shoes

When my mind feels weak it’s time to admire my feet! And the pretty new sandals on them.

On the days like today when work never seems to end,
When I love my job but I fear and dread,
That another super-late night is on tap…
It’s days like these when I need a distraction,
Something to keep my mind from wandering into abstraction!
To keep me on the task at hand,
To give me a little smile when I’m feeling sad.

Today the smile comes to me,
Every time I look down at my feet.
Actually, it’s not my feet I’m looking at,
It’s the adorable new sandals making me smile like that!

Sometimes it seems that all I need to see,
Is cute straps and a little bow looking back up at me.
So when the engineers run into a temporary roadblock,
That I can’t fix but have to wait for them to unlock,
And when it feels like 50 different voices are making requests of me,
And I want to answer but can’t help them all concurrently,
There is my desk chair.
There is my coffee.
And they feel good.
But what feels the best, at least to me,
Are these lovely new sandals giving me happy feet!

Even this lady in her crazy wide-leg jeans thinks these sandals are the bees’ knees!
When we were on our corporate retreat,
Our CEO recommended bringing something sweet,
To keep on our desks as a reminder —
That stress is a temporary path that requires:
Patience — a whole lot,
Pragmatism — more than a drop,
Cool heads and teamwork win in the end,
And earn me comp days to catch up on sleep in bed.

My sweet thing sometimes prop on my desk,
But they mostly sit under seen by a head tilt’s request.
I love my job, that is for sure.
Right now though it’s these sandals helping my sanity endure!!

I cannot promise they will make your day;
But they’ve made mine — that I can say!
By the way,
Thanks for hanging out while posting is slow while I’m away.
Back to full posting soon? That’s what the schedules say!!

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