Getting to work with J.Crew

dress — runs small, size up // necklace
What’s the digital equivalent of dog-earing a catalogue page? I want to do that with this outfit…

One of the most delightful developments of Spring 2016 has been seeing some of my favorite midrange retailers take strides back towards the good ol’ days. You know — flattering fits, nice quality materials, and designs that spark inspiration and interest within me. The other day while at J.Crew trying on workwear I got a quality control sticker stuck to my fingers…and instead of being annoyed, I was delighted! Quality control?!? Someone actually inspected this item??! Halle-friggin-lujah.

So it’s with a little extra dose of happiness that we chat about how lovely J.Crew’s workwear is right now, and how I kind of want everything…

jacket // tee // skirt // pumps — all items run true to size

I was recently thinking to myself that I love the idea of blazers but rarely wear them in practice. An open jacket like the one featured in this outfit is much more relatable to me and likely to get more wear. This is a nice, modern take on the almost-suit…dressy enough to wear in all but the most formal offices, yet casual enough to patrol the halls of a less stringent office dress code.

top // skirt // pumps — all items run true to size

This work outfit is simple, but why mess with the classics? J.Crew is simply masterful at prints it’s one area that competitors like Boden can’t quite measure up in. So when J.Crew is really on its game like with this look it’s impossible to beat with me. The top in this outfit is the Jackie Shell, an item that easily goes from work to play and back again. I’m thrilled to see it back and even happier to see it in lightweight merino wool!

dress — runs large, size down

Although I tried this dress above on and did not love it (the pockets are poorly placed for hourglass shapes) I’m still delighted to see these classics with a twist. What office wouldn’t this dress work in? Everyone from art teacher to lawyer to CEO deserves a pretty work dress like this one.

I have not tried the sweater from this look on, but all other items shown here run true to size.

This may be the outfit idea that finally gets me to try on gazebo pants. This outfit certainly wouldn’t work in every office (and to be fair, J.Crew has it in the looks section rather than the workwear looks section) but it is undeniably appealing!

I can’t even express how much I love the metallic d’orsay pumps shown here. Hubba hubba. At the moment Banana Republic has J.Crew beaten in terms of shoe comfort and all-day-wearability, but I needed to at least try these pumps on, and of course I immediately fell in love with them! I also saw very cute slingbacks in-store with ankle ties that don’t appear to be online yet — something to look forward to!

sweater // cami // skirt // shoes — all items run true to size

I love this outfit for its play on color tones, the length of the skirt…everything really. J.Crew, you complete me…and my work wardrobe!

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