Afternoon Delight: can we talk about these ADORABLE new Anthropologie totes?

Polar Penguin Tote ($98) — check out the adorable back too!

Oh, community, I have had quite the day. Late last night Facebook decided to kill my Roxy Effortless Anthropologie account because it’s not real person (debatable, Facebook, debatable) which killed about half the content of the EA Facebook Trade Market Group. HUGE thanks to EA FB co-admin Meagan for being generally awesome. I’ve been trying to make things right with the EA Facebook Group today while also discussing with Facebook whether my account should be reinstated or not…

…so I just need to be distracted right now by talking about pretty things!!! Like tote bags. In the past we’ve swooned over the Bulldog tote, the Bunny tote, the Bird tote…and while all of those made me smile I have to say the latest two, which are a little more graphic and modern and speak to the geometry-loving nerd in me, are about to have me placing yet another order while there is Free Shipping with no minimum! (Use the code SUNNYSKIES at checkout. This code also still works to take an extra 20% off sale items.)

Have I ever told you that I love penguins? I love penguins. Especially penguins that pick the perfect pebble to show their chosen mate that they love them forever. I also love penguins that always wear tuxedos and the way they waddle. So yes, I will totally be needing the Polar Penguin Tote ($98) in my life.

Penguins have a special place in my heart no doubt but they come in second to HEDGEHOGS. As a kid I had a pet hedgehog (named Sonic, naturally) who would always lay on his back in my cupped hands and look up to me as if to say, “My, what a strange creature you are.” Likewise, Sonic.

So how could I not love this tote, especially with its background plaid (love it, Anthro!) and the green skid marks that look like the hedgehog is taking a brief break between random speed dashes or chili dogs or grabbing rings or whatever it is that one hedgehog does in real life. (Probably none of those things but I was raised on Sega Genesis and all you super duper youngins probably have zero idea what I’m talking about right now and that’s alright, like I said it’s been a long day.)

I’m done now.

Anthro’s all, let’s hide the best part of the bag in the catalogue!

Just kidding! I’m not quite done because Anthropologie’s Parisian Post-Zombie Apocalypse Catalogue for September 2015 shows what we’ll all be wearing after all but one lithe, lonely Parisian lady have been wiped off the planet and apparently that means hiding the hedgehog from prying Zombie eyes. Be sure NOT to let your hedgehog face outwards ladies. Apparently that’s what Anthro thinks.

If totes don’t do it for you, they also come in pouch versions here and here. Kestrel also makes non-animal totes for Anthro.

What’s your afternoon delight today?

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