Afternoon delight: the asymmetric layers I crave

Hubba, hubba. The exact kind of work outfit I love, thanks to 10 Crosby Derek Lam.

There are two main reasons why I enjoy poking around fashion (shopping? style?) blogs and Instagrams. First, I like to see how other people style an item I have already purchased into their outfits, or Polyvores, or whatever.

Secondly, oftentimes someone will wear or incorporate something I really like into one of their styling sets, thus inspiring me towards a new brand or outfit. Of course this is a double-edged sword. Sometimes I’ll love too much of what I see out there. Or, I’ll love something that’s far too expensive for my budget.

Today’s afternoon delights come from Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby line, a slightly more youthful take on his strong cuts and geometric silhouettes. It seems like each year a brand will fall right into this personal sweet spot of mine, slightly off-balance layers with a chic, minimal-yet-slightly-fussy look. A few years ago it was Proenza Schouler, then it was Rag & Bone, and now 10 Crosby.

The dresses in this post are discoveries I made after this recent outfit post on Wendy’s Lookbook. I don’t talk about the major bloggers much because I figure they’re already well-known enough, but I do enjoy Wendy’s style immensely. (Another one of my new favorite blogs is Penny Pincher Fashion, which is on the EA blogroll and totally works the other end of the cost spectrum.) After seeing Wendy rocking the 10 Crosby Sweatshirt Dress, I decided to seek it out and discovered…

…it also comes in navy! (I want both now.) From there I found the dress topping this post, and in the last couple of days I’ve pretty much fallen into a wormhole of layery goodness. I’m digging this layered multi-layered option too, though of all the dresses in this post it’d be the ‘easiest’ to recreate myself using my own pieces. Is $695 a ridiculous price to pay for a single dress? You bet it is! (And $495 for the sweatshirt dress isn’t much better.) Will I do it anyway?

Quite possibly. Though I am hoping for some kind of deal to help me out a bit. Too bad I found these pretties after most of the friends & family sales are over. So for now, I’ll just watch stock and make sure my size (6) doesn’t fly away too quickly. Scoring one of these dresses on sale would be a true delight, though the impulse of owning them now is strong with both of these frocks.

The sweatshirt dress is available via: Neiman Marcus
And is available in limited sizes via: Shopbop // Saks Fifth Ave
And in navy at: Intermix

The 2-in-1 blouse + pleated dress is available at: Intermix // Saks Fifth Ave // Shopbop // Derek Lam

I have these dresses and many more of the layer-mixing goodness I love pinned to my Downtown Workwear Inspiration Pinterest board. I’m also posting limited OOTDs on Instagram for the time being (just the items though, not me in them.)

What’s your afternoon delight today?

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