Call for Reader Outfit submissions!!

The Blue Toile Jumpsuit from Spring 2013.

Do you have a photo of yourself in an Anthropologie outfit that’s been sitting around waiting for its time in the sun? Well, send it on over to me!  It’s time to put together your Anthro best for an upcoming Readers Outfit post.

If you’ve submitted an outfit to me in the last few months I have it and will run it as part of this post! (Though of course you are more than welcome to submit another, I know it’s been awhile.) This post will run one week from Sunday. Please submit your outfit to me via email no later than Saturday April 18th at 3 PM ET.

I can’t promise the regular return of Reader Outfits yet due to my unusual work schedule right now but I can promise that this next edition will be tons of fun!! I can’t wait to see the latest looks.

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