Want $25 off your Anthropologie purchase in October? Here’s how to get it…

This is pretty exciting! Anthropologie is running a special promotion during the month of October (aka one of my favorite Anthro months since their Fall clothing is properly in-store!). This month, when you schedule a Personal Stylist session in-store or online you’ll get $25 off your purchase!

Do you use the Personal Stylists? I love them. I ask to work with one just about every time I’m in-store (which is a lot). I see a lot of community comments about not knowing what to pair a particular Anthropologie item with…well, this is exactly what the Stylists are here for! And they’re awesome in my experience.

I’ve spoken with some Anthropologie lovers who get hung up on feeling pressured to buy if they work with a stylist. And while I totally understand this fear you should know that Anthro’s Stylists are salaried employees, so they’re not in the business of making a sale over customer service. Quite the opposite. Will a Personal Stylist sometimes push my fashion boundaries or ask me to try on something I’d never try myself? Totally. Do I end up liking what they put together for me? Almost always. Do I buy it? Sometimes.

If you want to make your Anthro more versatile this is the way to go. These Personal Stylists have a keen eye for knowing the full range of offerings and putting together pairings we might not think of, but look amazing. I think I’m going to book a session today

For $25 off, why not? I want this dress, dammit.

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