Eye Candy: Cambridge Anthropologie Spring 2013 Fashion Show

It’s time for another look at real Anthropologie customers modeling the clothes we love! Last month EA community member Joanna attended the Cambridge, Mass. Anthropologie’s Spring Fashion show and was kind enough to send along tons of photos.

Let’s enjoy some real life Eye Candy!

All photos in this post courtesy of Joanna.
The Swirled Paisley Halter Dress ($158) and what looks like 
the Tea-And-Crumpets Apron ($32) with the top folded down.
The Striped Empire Day Dress ($98) and the Ruched Pompom Scarf ($58).
Refreshments: Hors d’oeuvres and San Pelligrino for the guests.

I’ve done my best to ID as many of the items worn by the models as I can. If you recognize something I haven’t ID’ed or have ID’ed incorrectly please let me know in the comments! One suggestion I’d pass along to the stores holding these events is that it’s so incredibly helpful when there’s a dossier for the guests with a list of each outfit and the items within it. Not only does it make me more likely to wishlist or buy the items I can’t grab right away, it also helps me do research to see how others are wearing these items!

Outfit #2: Pakpao Maxi Dress ($168, review), Ursa Beaded Clutch ($68). 
Outfit #3: Shibori Patchwork Dress (now $80, review).

Outfit #5: Caraiva Maxi Dress ($118), Tiago Corset Belt (now $30), Chasca Necklace ($58).
Outfit #6: Lefkara Lace Dress ($148, review), Infinite Glisten Belt ($48). 
Outfit #7: Simone Denim Vest ($98), Stellina Skirt ($78).
Outfit #8: Drafted Petals Romper ($148, review), Peoria Ceramic Necklace ($198). 
Outfit #10: Tiered Habitual Shirtdress ($148), Woven Bow Belt ($38).
Outfit #11: Venn Peplum Blouse ($88, review), Level 99 Wide-Legs ($98). 
Outfit #12: Striped Empire Day Dress ($98).
Outfit #13: Chroma Shadow Sheath ($168, review), Lace Valance Cardigan ($148, review). 
Outfit #16: Bruna Dress ($298, review), Gracie Jewel Bib ($68).
Outfit #18: Jardim Lace Dress ($298, review).
Joanna’s OOTE: Anthro dress
Anthro cardigan+last winter?
Gap stirrups
H&m belt
Modcloth bracelet
Monet earrings

Thanks again to Joanna for snapping all these wonderful photos! Which look is your favorite? I like outfit #13 a lot — the mix of the Chroma Shadow Sheath with the pop of the yellow Lace Valance Cardigan is awesome!

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