What are you hoping to see under the tree?

With Christmas so close I thought it would be fun to share what we’re hoping to find under the tree! Not only is it fun to wish, it might give us some ideas to use our gift cards on. My list after the jump, please add yours in the comments! (Links welcome.)

I’m sure many of my items look familiar since I’ve discussed most of them before. But hey, it’s always good to remind *cough*especially with my birthday coming up next month*cough* any friends or family reading…

Let’s start with my Anthropologie hopes:

I scored a couple of Anthropologie gift cards for Hanukkah too which means my list will only grow.

Next up, my Madewell wishlist:

And here are my Free People choices:

Those are the top items on my list, along with perhaps a nice J.Crew gift card. What are you hoping to unwrap tomorrow morning?

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