anthro email: Free shipping has been extended + Canada now included!

Need some more time to mull over your shopping cart but afraid of losing out on free shipping? Anthropologie’s granted anthro members a one-day reprieve. In an email today we’ve kindly been given one more day of free shipping on domestic orders of $100+. Hooray!! No sale today has me sitting back and waiting but I’m sure some of you out there will happily take advantage of this extension.

(My cart = 14 items and counting and right now. I need some help to stay on-budget Anthro!)

Also, Canadian anthro members received a slightly different version of the email announcing free shipping on orders of $150+ through July 1. Whoo-hoo! I think. Free shipping is great but that extra $50 threshold has made me sad.

Will you take advantage of the extra day? Canadian anthro members, were you happy to see that you can now get free shipping too?

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