The 504 special comes to Liamolly

Congratulations are due to Liamolly. With the help of over 200 backers the brand has raised the capital needed to purchase a knitting machine and move production to its home base of New Orleans! I could not be more excited for company founder Seema Sudan and her team. Very little American knitwear is actually made in the USA these days. Having a small but growing company like Liamolly investing in domestic production will help not only the Liamolly brand but other small and medium knitwear businesses hoping to produce their items in our country. The Spring 2012 line will the first produced with the new machine, and Ms. Sudan will soon be officially launching a Childrenswear line and a Home line.

To celebrate — and to help support the setup costs of the knitting mill — Liamolly is offering 504 sweaters at the special price of $150. (504 is New Orleans’ area code.) It’s a very generous offer for customers while also helping support a great company project. You can see the full complement of specially-priced sweaters here.

 The Wren Sweater, one of the 504 Special sweaters

Anthropologie fans know Liamolly for its beautiful, intricate sweaters and its adorable children’s line that appears just about every November in Anthro stores. I’m thrilled to hear that Liamolly will soon be running not only design but also production in the USA, and in the great city of New Orleans to boot. I of course could not resist taking part in this promotion. I purchased the Swansong Sweatercoat yesterday and it’s already on the way to me! Nice turnaround time, Liamolly.

Will you be ordering from the 504 Special?

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