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As our community grows we’ve welcomed in many new members to join those who’ve been around as long as this blog. Several newer members have emailed me to ask about a FAQ — things more experienced members here know about but the newbs are just coming up to speed on. I’m more than happy to oblige with this new series I’m calling Anthropologie FAQ. Each week we’ll take on a different topic. I’ll start the discussion in the post and invite the community to chip in via the comments. I’ll update the posts as we learn new things so this series will be a living FAQ.

Moving forward when new people ask about these topics please link them to the appropriate Anthropologie FAQ page. That way we can keep all the information centralized. Whenever possible I’ll also link to Anthropologie’s official page(s) on these subjects.

I thought the Birthday Discount would be a good place to start, seeing as how this blog turns 3 on Saturday and then Anthro turns 19 on Monday. Craziness. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I get. Anthropologie doesn’t speak about the Birthday Discount publicly but yes it does exist. If you have a question I didn’t cover or have additional information for an answer let us know in the comments.

What is the birthday discount?
How do I get the birthday discount?
When does the birthday discount arrive?
What if I’m an Anthro member who didn’t get it?
Can I choose whether I get the online or mail discount?
Does the birthday discount work on sale items?
Does the discount work on charge/sends?
Does the discount work on backordered items?
What if I receive both the online and snail mail discount?
Can I use the birthday discount with another promotion?
Can I get a price adjustment on birthday discount items?
Can I use the online code if it’s not my birthday month?
Can I give my birthday discount to someone else?
Can I use a friend’s birthday discount?
Why didn’t I get the birthday discount this year?
Do I get another discount if I return a birthday discount item?
What happens if I need to exchange an item?
What happens if I want to exchange the item for a different item?

What is the Anthropologie birthday discount?
Like many stores, Anthropologie rewards its loyal customers with a birthday gift. It’s a one-time use 15% off discount, delivered either via mail for in-store use or email for online use.

How do I receive the Anthropologie birthday discount?
The discounts are given out to anthro card members. The anthro card is a free loyalty card that is available by the registers in Anthropologie stores. You can also sign up online. Each year Anthropologie sends anthro members the birthday discount. As of June 2012, every anthro member receives the discount. (Want more information about the anthro card? Click here.)

When can I expect to receive the discount?
Timing varies. By mail, most people receive the discount by the 10th of their birthday month. Via email most people receive their discount by the 5th of their birthday month. However there are community members who’ve received theirs as late as the 22nd of the month. If you’re unsure you can email to check the status of your birthday discount.

I’m an anthro card holder but I didn’t receive a birthday discount. Can I ask Anthropologie for one?
Remember that the Anthropologie birthday discount is a lottery, so not every customer or anthro card holder receives it. But yes you can request the discount from customer service by emailing It’s best to wait until the 10th of your birthday month to do this, since the card may be on its way to you in the mail!

Can I choose whether I receive the online Anthropologie birthday discount code or the card by mail?
No. Currently it is random luck of the draw. However, for people who live far away from a store customer service will usually issue an online code to your account. To request an online discount code, call customer service at 1-(800)-309-2500.

Can I use the Anthropologie birthday discount on sale items?

Can I use the Anthropologie birthday discount on charge/sends?
Yes. When you call the store, they may ask for your anthro card number so make sure you have it handy.

Can I use the Anthropologie birthday discount on an item that’s backordered online?
Yes. The discount will apply when the item ships.

It’s my birthday month and I received both the online birthday discount and the discount card in the mail! Can I use both?
Lucky you! Yes, you can use both but make sure you use the store one first.

If Anthropologie is running an in-store promotion, i.e. 25% off sale items, can I use the birthday discount on top of that?
As of November 2011, stores will no longer be able to stack promotions in Anthropologie’s POS (point of sale) system. You cannot use the birthday discount with any other discount that an employee needs to manually key in, i.e. 25% off sale items or 20% off dresses, etc.

I used my birthday discount but now I’m eligible for a price adjustment (PA) on some of those items I purchased. Can I get the PA and still get the birthday discount?
Yes, but only in some cases. If there was no promotional discount on the item besides the birthday discount, you can get the PA and the birthday discount together. However, if there was a promotion on the item you purchased and then you got the birthday discount on top of that, Anthropologie’s policy is that you can get the PA but will lose either the promotional discount or your birthday discount. (Note: some stores will give you every possible discount with a PA, but that’s not Anthropologie’s official policy.)

The online discount code is pretty easy to figure out. If my birthday is this month, can I just enter the code and get the discount?
No. Anthropologie has to make your online account eligible for the code. If you did not receive the discount email or card and try to place a birthday order, you’ll get an error when you try to use the code.

I received a birthday discount but don’t plan to use it. Can I give it to someone else to use?
Techinically this is against Anthropologie’s policies, and may result in you not getting the discount in subsequent years.

A friend received the birthday discount but didn’t want it. She gave it to me to use. Can I use it?
Anthropologie’s official policy is that the card is non-transferable.

I have received the Anthropologie birthday discount in previous years but didn’t receive one this year. Did I do something wrong?
Remember that the Anthropologie birthday discount is a lottery, so not every customer or anthro card holder receives it and you may not receive it every year. You can request a discount by emailing It’s best to wait until the 10th of your birthday month to do this, since the card may be on its way to you in the mail!

If I return an item that I purchased with the Anthropologie birthday discount, will I get another instance of the discount to use?
No, it’s a one-time use code. Once you’ve used it, that’s it.

If I need to exchange an item I purchased with the Anthropologie birthday discount, will the discount apply to the new item?
Yes, the birthday discount will carry over to the new item when you make an exchange.

I used the Anthropologie birthday discount but now I’d like to exchange what I bought for another item of equal value. Will the discount carry over?
This is up to the discretion of the store manager. In most cases no it will not carry over.

Yes, Anthro Birthday Discounts do exist
You Say It’s Your Birthday 


  1. Hdmilton
    August 19, 2019 / 12:16 pm

    I received an email with the birthday discount this month.(it's August and my birthday was August 9th) I thought I saved the email and I'm ready to use it, but now I can't find it!! Will Anthropologie send me a new one if I explain the problem? Is the discount on my account and automatically applied when I checkout?

    • August 19, 2019 / 12:24 pm

      Yes you can just present your ID in store or email customer service for a new code.

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