Reviews: Drafting Shift, Tupelo Dress, Calliope Dress, Colorblocked Sweater Skirt, Sariah Dress

Anthropologie: does not care that it’s 90+ degrees outside.
Drafting Shift ($158) by Tabitha, size up
(fits similar to the winter’s Pom Flower Shift)
style # 21282181, blue motif (049)

When you have a good thing going, best not to mess with it too much. Tabitha’s Drafting Shift ($158) is an obvious replica of the Pom Flower Shift with only a different pattern to speak of. And that’s OK by me. I don’t need 10 versions of the same dress but one or two works! It’s the same thick cotton material as its predecessor with partial lining and a rear zip. The folded neckline is high enough to be work-appropriate without choking me. At 35″ it hits right above my knees. I approve.

My main fear with this dress was how the pattern would line up at the seams. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that by luck the pattern matches up almost exactly on the size 8. This is one size up from my usual size 6 but the size I normally take in Tabitha. Over the winter I’d needed a 10 in the Pom Flower Shift and now I’m finding it’s a bit large on me after dropping some of that winter tummy. The 8 does fit closely to my body in a good way. I don’t care much for the back view — too much white. I wish it had more navy like the front. If I had to choose I’d prefer the pattern reversed with more white on the front. Personal preference.

Since I already own the Pom Flower Shift I can’t see buying this dress at full price, but I do think I’d be tempted with a sale cut. For now, wishlisted!!

Tupelo Dress ($168) by Maple, TTS
(fits similar to the winter’s Tessera Dress)
style # 22587232, blue motif (049)

Another spring refresh is the Tupelo Dress ($168) which is awesome, awesome, AWESOME. Can we talk about how great navy and gold look together, especially when the navy is a cobalt hued beauty like this? I gasped when I saw this dress. It’s just lovely with the kind of pattern Anthropologie masters. It’s not too big or too small or too overdone. The spacing is just right and the shapes are just right. The falling leaf pattern is a little more fall than summer but oh well.

The silk frock is a little long at 40″. I don’t want a dress that hits right across the calves since my calves are very thick. Luckily this dress was high enough on my shin to avoid that issue. The petite among us may have issues however.

I tried my usual size 6 which fit perfectly. Swoon! The top part does expose some decolletage (just a bit though). I think with the right bra this is fine for my work. I love that the straps are cut to allow a bra. In the back there is another opening so avoid racerback bras. The waist is nicely defined in this dress and the skirt is easy without being overly voluminous. What could make this dress perfect…?

Why, pockets of course! And they’re here in all their glory. Well done Anthropologie! I’m holding off in July, but this one is on my August to-buy list. Wishlisted!!

Unknown Dress ($188) by Sariah, size up
SKU 22189930 for size 8, blue motif (049)

I have a weakness for navy and white, or navy and cream, or navy and colors in the white/off-white family. You get the gist. So it’s no surprise that I was drawn to this Sariah dress that’s not online yet. It’s made from silk and Anthro indicates this dress is green…but I swear it’s navy. Wide tank straps frame a slightly overflowing top, which drapes politely over a defined waist and straight skirt.

I settled on trying on a size 8. It fit fine up top but was too tight around the thighs. So I would buy in a 10. I like the overall shape which has a casual feel to it. With some sparkly jewelry this dress would be easy to dress up for a night out. Summer perfection as far as I’m concerned. This dress will be wishlisted once it’s on the website.

Calliope Dress ($168) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
style # 21318795, blue motif (049)

The Calliope Dress ($168) is such a distinct print! If you like the print I think you’ll love the dress…and if you don’t like the print this dress is probably a pass. Small black buttons and a scallop edge line the placket of the top portion, which a straight skirt falls below. There is also black piping on the sleeveless and neckline edges.The blue is truly lovely, as are the brilliant white blooms of the print.

I feared I’d have to size up and up due to the straight skirt. Yet my usual size 6 fit well. There was actually some extra room in the top (most noticeable in the side view above) but I would not size down. The skirt portion was just right in the 6. The fit is similar to the Tuileries Dress from earlier this spring. J’adore! Wishlisted.

Colorblocked Sweater Skirt ($118) by Girls From Savoy, size up
style # 21346663, blue (040) or dark grey (005)

This skirt is sure to be a community favorite! The Colorblocked Sweater Skirt ($118) comes in either dark grey or teal; colors sure to pair well with many fall and winter tops. I love the contrasting belt which is sewn on but could be removed with some well-placed snips. The top is a bit bulky though so I’d wear either tops tucked in or a sweater that ends right at the waist.

I like the merino material. A lot. Real honest to baaaa merino! It’s always a joy to see it used over other scratchy wools. The fine gauge means pilling shouldn’t be an issue. Curiously Anthro chose not to line this skirt. I suppose it’s opaque enough not to need lining, but for $100+ I expect to see it. The material is thin but not insignificant. It should hold up well.

An SA advised me to size up and she was right. Seems this skirt runs a bit small. A large sat on my hips nicely and fell to the perfect length, terminating at the bottom of my knees. I am suitably impressed! Really my only dilemma is which color to buy (or perhaps I should take them both).

Update 7/31: Some bad news to pass along — several community members have reported seeing this skirt with a clear separation (tear) between the waistband and skirt in-store. A couple of community members also reported having the skirt tear on them after purchase. Based on these reports be very wary if you plan to purchase the skirt! 

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