As first reported by Decor8,  Anthropologie has launched an elegant new design concept tool tailored towards interior design. Anthro’s home products feature strong points of view with bold patterns, unusual textures and materials and visually distinctive curiosities. For the non-professional it can be a challenge figuring out how all these pieces could ever work together. And that’s exactly where the For the Decorator Tool comes in.

Of course there are other websites (and programs like CAD) to help you plan out a room or home. But none of those are presented in Anthro’s unique language or style. Their lovable touches of whimsy and quirk is on full display as soon as you click into the glossary and holds from section to section. Helpful visuals in the layout tips mix patterns effortlessly while for the experts there are samples, chips and swatches for most of the home elements.

While Anthropologie’s home items tend to run clearly in the luxury pricing bracket, the design ideas mentioned here can work at any budget level. If nothing else, glancing at the beautiful rooms on display makes me want to start a special savings fund for one of the We Love Vera rugs or the USA-made chairs with the vibrantly hued upholstery. I’m very impressed with the tool and it makes me yearn for these definitive touches to return to the apparel side of Anthro’s business.

My other hope is that Anthropologie will begin translating this online advice into their stores. The Chelsea Market store in NYC, for example, is one of the few Anthros in the country to carry wallpaper in-store. It would be wonderful to see some of their At Home staff from their Philly office travel to the stores for inspiration and discussion. We shall see what the future holds! Have you tried the For the Decorator Tool yet?

Thanks to Lauren from the Dernier Cri for the heads up about this tool!

The For the Decorator Tool isn’t the only fun toy in Anthropologie’s home arsenal at the moment. Thanks to their Facebook page I found about this addictive tabletop design tool. Part tabletop planner and part MC Escher stereogram, you can pick every element from your background scheme (to match your kitchen decor) to the dinnerware, flatware, stemware, glassware, whateverware!

I have to admit I’m addicted to researching pretty dinnerware patterns, and while I can sadly only fit one set of plates and such in my apartment I hope to one day own a casual set, a for guests set, and a special occasion set. While I can’t purchase anything quite yet I can while away the hours making pretty, symmetrical (and slightly psychedelic) pieces of dining art in the tool. If you haven’t played around with the designer yet I highly recommend it for both the diner and the artist inside.

Have you visited the At Home side of Anthropologie’s site recently?

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