Reviews: Rutledge Sweatercoat, Knitting Needle Cardigan, Sun Spiral Jacket, Craftsmanship Capelet, Beaded Eglantine Cardigan

Some winged cardigan action.

The Rutledge Sweatercoat ($178) is incredibly appealing. I was drawn to the unique shape, with the tails in front and laced back detail. The plaid is a beautiful pattern and the sweater itself is soft and comfortable.

After all that buildup you’d expect me to love this sweater. Sadly, I did not. I tried on my usual size medium which fit well. From the front I’d consider this sweatercoat a win. It makes me look tall and lean and I love how the drape of the wings forms a front pocket.

It was the back which failed me here. The lace details pulls in two rear wings, and against my curves these wings spread out as though ready to take flight. And as much as I’d love to pretend I’m an angel/moth/whatever…in reality, I’m none of those things. And it makes the coat look really weird. I tried a large for kicks, just to see if the fit was any better. But it was like a sack on me and still had the same issue in the back. I tried loosening the ties….no help. I don’t know whether it’s my curves or just the jacket but it looks insane on me. A bittwersweet pass for now.

At first, the Knitting Needle Cardigan ($98) seems like a big blanket. But upon closer inspection I noticed some nice tailoring — the waist that nips in, the details down the front and back. As much as I like the blue shown in the catalogue, I reached for the brown in-store instead.

I was very pleased with the fit of my usual size medium. The cardigan is longer in the front than in the back, but I didn’t find the tails too overwhelming. With my main concern alleviated I felt like this is a sweater I could love. It’s warm without being itchy though the material isn’t especially soft. I like this sweater a lot, but plan to wait for sale. Wishlisted!!

Oh Tabitha! Every year your coats get cuter and cuter. I adored the Sun Spiral Jacket ($148) the instant it hit the website. The flower on this one is a subtle callback to the Corsage Sweater Jacket of 2007. I’m not normally one to go cropped but this jacket is irresistible!

I tried on a 10, which is my usual size in jackets. It was a bit loose and I’d like to try an 8 for comparison. This jacket has a confectionery feel to it, probably in part from the ivory color. I am ambivalent towards the color — I don’t really want black, but I do wish there was a autumn-hued option. Perhaps gold? This strikes me as more of a spring color. That aside, the details are done well and the construction feels good. This coat is a touch boxy so a fitted blouse underneath would be a good way to go. Wishlisted!!

When brown and red plaids begin to bore, count on Cartonnier to deliver something new and exciting! Their Craftsmanship Capelet ($118) is an eye-catching combination of white, grey and yellow. Love it. I grabbed a medium and trotted down to the fitting room.

I was swimming in the capelet! The medium was far too large on me and unfortunately there were no smalls for me to try on. I wasn’t thrilled by the length either. Another two inches and this would have been cropped perfection. I can see rocking this coat over a dress once the fit is right. The material itself is heavy (it weighed me a down a bit) and the waist tie was thick and hard to bow. An interesting concept but hard to love in real life. Waiting for sale to re-evaluate.

I own more cardigans than I care to admit. But what’s one more, especially when that one is as beautiful as Tabitha’s Beaded Eglantine Cardigan ($128)? I tried on the “dark grey” which is actually tan in real life. What is going on with Anthropologie’s color wheel intepretations lately? Did someone offset it by a shade or two?? I am disagreeing with their color names a lot.

Anyway, I tried on a medium which fit perfectly. Just right over the chest (a 34D in my case). The flower embellishments are breathtaking, yet this cardigan doesn’t feel too young. It’s got that perfect balance of whimsy and delight. The material is very soft — no itch either despite the presence of angora. For those who are J.Crew fans, this cardigan fits just like their Jackie. I’m sure this would be a great work option and so it went right to my wishlist!

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