Just thought you might like to know about…Modcloth

Untitled by Kwassa on Polyvore.com

One of the reasons why I continue to use Polyvore (even when it annoys the heck out of me as it has done lately) is because I love seeing the way other people use the items I have saved in. Take the set above by Kwassa. She uses lots of Anthropologie items in her sets but is not in either of the Anthro groups. So I never would have seen any of her cool sets without her utilizing the Hippopotamus Locket ($98).

And then I noticed the sweet dress the set is built around. I’ve heard of Modcloth before but hadn’t really paid much attention. When I saw this dress, the Romance Novel Dress ($53) I decided to see what they were all about. Though the dress is sold out, curiousity remained. Clicking around I liked what I saw more and more. Below are a bunch of items that made me smile.

all photos from Modcloth’s website

Items, beginning top row left:
1. Lavendar Fields Dress ($70)
2. Bowl-ed Over Blouse ($28)
3. Berry Cobbler Top ($53)
4. Hoot-notism Ring ($12)
5. Centerpiece Necklace in Baby Blue ($14)
6. Jett Cropped Jacket ($60)
7. Fresh Picked Time Clock Necklace ($25)
8. Hi-Top Socks in Purple ($8)
9. Pocker Face Heels ($38)
10. Pebble Beach Wedges in Putting Green ($28)

The target audience does seem to skew a bit younger but there are plenty of items that bring Anthroesque fashion to mind. There’s also a one-of-a-kind page for vintage finds the staff reels in. I also love their social media marketing: they have their own flickr pool and a blog that is regularly updated. And one last touch I love — their story. Girl loves vintage fashion. Girl starts online store. Store becomes successful. Hooray! Here’s hoping that Romance Novel Dress comes back into stock. I want it!

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