DIY Dining

Here’s a well-executed idea I’d love to see Anthropologie expand to the rest of their site. Their DIY Dining Section allows you to match tableware based on smart recommendations. Here’s an example:

Choose a plate…

Choose two compliments (an appetizer
plate and drinkware) and get
matching accessory recommendations

Well done, Anthro. You helped me color coordinate and gave me upsell recommendations that make sense. Now let’s see this idea rolled out to the rest of your site please! You sell brilliant furniture and accessories…let’s see a room designer! It could be really simple; I’m not hard to please. All furniture from one perspective in front of a dummy wall. Just so I can see how pieces mix and match.

While you’re at, dear Anthropologie, could we have an outfit builder as well? As much as I love my Polyvore it would be nice to build outfits on your site. Too many products are missing coordinating recommendations. Give me some suggestions along the way. You’re almost there already — your site is built in flash and your products are silhouetted to a white background. Allow me to upload these outfits to some kind of community where my friends can say yay or nay. And then give me a coupon to buy the outfit with! (One can dream.)

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