Decorating with Anthropologie: Medallion prints

Were it that Anthropologie had interior designers available to hire, I would sign up an instant. In this dream I’d also have an unlimited design budget of course! I love how their room designs have bold colors and mixed patterns and yet everything blends together seamlessly.

Certainly Anthro’s design sensibility is not for the minimalist. Nor is it for the ultra modernist. No, Anthropologie’s home goods are for the eclectic, the earthy, the real. The room in the photo at the top of this post is my favorite right now. I am a big fan of the Standing Medallion Mirror, the Kiku Rug and especially the Milo Sofa.

All of the medallion prints are spectacular. Besides lending a Meditteranean feel to a room the patterns are a great way to add some intimacy to a room. The roundness lends a cozy feeling and pulls everything else in the room in.

Below are some of my favorite medallion pieces currently available.

Isola Bella Rug, also available in orange

Rohini Curtain, also available in yellow

Festival pillow, also available in gold

Aughra Bottles

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