Investigating Anthropologie’s newest coat and jacket arrivals…

Examining pretty new Anthropologie Fall coats, like the Fringed Architecture Sweater ($378). 

I should be working to cut down my already plentiful coat collection, but instead all I want to do is look at all the pretty new coats Anthropologie has been releasing! This is certainly one bright spot in their Fall offerings thus far. There is something to please everyone, from highly stylized and detailed offerings in the Fringed Architecture Sweater ($378) to fun capes a la the Reversible Hooded Sherpa Cape ($188) to the more classic stylings of the Remy Bomber Coat ($268). Everything in between too!

Let’s look at some of the latest pretties, and then tomorrow I’ll run a post on tap about what to wear under some of my favorite Anthro coats…

The Fringed Architecture Sweater ($378), open.

Anthropologie had already released a bunch of pretties for Pre-Fall including the likes of the Itinerary Bomber ($128), the Dara Vegan Leather Jacket ($188), the Faravel Moto Jacket ($148), the Studded Quilt Jacket ($238, more on this later this week), the Cynthia Wool Sweater Jacket ($248, drool) and the Lola Pea Coat ($158) just to name a few several.

Now with Fall nearly here, the coat offerings are getting more plentiful.

The Adventurer Shirt Jacket ($138, styling idea via Instagram) makes the military jacket ever more fun.

Coats are one area where Anthro excels at putting spins on classic designs. Take the Adventurer Shirt Jacket ($138, above) for instance. It’s a military jacket and yes there are a million of those out there. But how many of those have a baby blue collar and cute symbols down the arms? Exactly.

Likewise the Quilted Kerviona Jacket ($218) which has the added bonus of being super cozy! There are several open jackets I’m intrigued by, like the Sedgewick Structured Jacket ($148) which could be an awful lot of fun over dresses, or the Folk Tale Embroidered Kimono ($148) I mentioned this morning. Then there is the Budding Jacquard Cardigan ($308), which I kind of want to see in real life just to see if that’s what it really looks like.

The Mariet Swing Coat ($248) is an extra fun take on leopard.

If longer coats and jackets are not your thing, Anthro’s still got you covered. I like everything about the Mariet Swing Coat ($248, above), a swingy coat that’s just-below waist length. The Sinead Bomber Sweater ($128) with its lovely ribbed sleeves and the rusty red Bittersweet Bomber Sweater ($128) are also short jackets with a killer good look.

The Embroidered Northerner Coat ($248) has mixes of blush and grey — a favorite color combo of mine!

One last shape to take a gander at is the cape/poncho shape, where again Anthro comes through. I’m delighted at every last detail of the Embroidered Northerner Coat ($248, above). It combines all of my favorite elements into one cape! Another very cute cape is the Tess Wool Top ($258) which lives in the top section, so it’s probably not all that warm. I would wear it on mid-50s Fall days though! Then there is the Oria Colorblock Poncho ($495), a colorblocked ombre cape that hopefully is actually ombre in real life, unlike the Ombre Plaid Coat ($288) which it turns out isn’t ombre at all in real life! (Thanks to Mary for letting us know in the comments of another post.)

Tomorrow we’ll talk coat styling. What’s your favorite Anthro coat right now, and how are you/would you wear it?

QUICK REVIEW: I received my Recouvrir Sweater ($118) from my 20% off Anthro weekend order yesterday (impressive shipping Anthro!) It is a good length, hitting me high hip, and the colors in the product photo are true to real life. I didn’t realize there are ruffles on both sides of the sweater but it’s not unflattering. There is one final ruffle underlayer that falls just below the bottom of the sweater when you’re wearing it. I ordered a large thinking it would run short, but I should have stuck to my usual medium — this sweater is TTS. Sold out online right now but I’m sure it will pop back. It is also available in some stores.

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