Eye Candy: Exploring the NYFW Spring 2017 RTW shows

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Last week was New York Fashion Week and there is good news: pleasing florals, more body-skimming shapes and flattering lengths abounded! Although there was still a ton of drab, shapeless, or likely to flatter less than 2% of the population clothing, it seems designers have started looking towards cheerful colors, patterns and florals to brighten up our wardrobes next Spring.

I’ve gone through the slideshows and picked out my favorites that I hope to see interpreted by retailers I love (especially Anthro!) next year. Take the Jenny Packham look above. I love this dress + cape combo, the tight pleating and eye-catching details. I could very easily imagine something like this on the racks of Anthropologie, Madewell or Free People!

Inside, 25+ looks that have me hopeful for next Spring’s shopping possibilities…

A shirtdress with a cute shape and an even cuter belt? Yes, please!

Here we have eyelet with a practical yet whimsical touch  — a layer of gingham underneath!

Here’s an ingenious way to do a dropwaist skirt — with a more classically shaped layer underneath.
It’s dramatic, yet wearable.

Although the sleeves on this look are huge, this dress is undeniably flattering.
Green had a huge presence on the runways — what do you think of these more olive colors?
These high-waisted skirts are a 50s trend updated — 
it is possible to update classic silhouettes into a wearable modern fashion statement!
I love the proportion play of the sleeves, and the playfulness of purple tones.
Keeping this look in one color family helps make it especially flattering.
We very well may see this look as it is at Anthropologie next Spring,
and that’s A-OK with me!
Michael Kors had one of my favorite shows this time around! I loved all his florals.
While there is too much pattern going on in this look for me, I adore the colors and silhouettes of each piece.
With solid navy sleeves (but the same floral cuffs), I think this look would be perfection.
THIS COAT, *drool*

Like the first Michael Kors look, there’s too much going on for me here.
Make this dress sleeveless though, and now we’re talking!
I really like the way the dress skims the body from neckline to upper thigh,
and then has cute tiers of lightweight chiffon at the bottom.
I hope retailers mimic this look next Spring (hint, hint, Anthro!).

Here’s a terrific work possibility with a mix of neutrals and jewel tones.
Another work possibility. 
Note how the boxiness of the skirt is softened by the almost circular shape of the top.
But there is still structure in the neckline and underlayer of the top.
How beautiful are these pants?
They are another example of a classic silhouette (women’s pants from the 30s and 40s)
updated to a modern shape. By nipping in at the waist, these now show off feminine curves.
What a beautiful, beautiful idea.

For every designer who says that regular and plus-size women are too hard to design for,
Tracy Reese is all “Whatever, suckas!!”
This dress is constructed to flatter a range of shapes and sizes.
It’s really not that hard to do, if you really want to.

Here’s another look I’m dying to see interpreted by Anthropologie.
Step 1 – Start with a simple yet elegant knee-length skirt (or it would look great as a v-neck dress!).
Step 2 – On top, add a floral and solid-sleeved dress/kimono top layer.
Step 3 – Profit!

I have noticed Anthro going for more solid, sleek looks this year.
Here’s a great idea for an ultra-flattering shape, dress + topper.

The key to this skirt are the overlapping panels up near the waistline.
They keep the skirt from becoming too voluminous. I love it!

I am not against flowy or boxy when it’s done right. In fact I love this!
Here, the angles of the top and skirt oppose each other, tricking the eye to see the waist.
(Which just so happens to be where the short sleeve has a seam, creating an imaginary line inwards.)
The nearly monochrome color palette and silky skirt also create movement inwards,
with visual balance created with the larger lower opening of the skirt.

Yes, it’s a jumpsuit. But it flows like a dress.
Everyday beauty, in dress form. Who wouldn’t this dress flatter?

This guy just gets women’s bodies. He was another designer to use models of all shapes and sizes.
His designs show a sharp eye for detail, knowing where to flow and where to bind.
The pattern on this dress was made to draw your eyes in or out at all the right spots.
I would not argue with you if you think this dress is overdesigned.
But I do like so much about it — the way the deep v is covered by a modesty panel;
the different types of embroidery mixed in small and large scale;
the length, the color, the airiness.
I highly recommend looking at the entire show — it was beautiful!
Now we enter the fantastical part of my picks.
I would love to see the bodice from this dress paired with a solid skirt.
I would love to see the skirt of this dress paired with a solid top.
Anthropologie, I hope you’re on it!
This dress is slightly less fantastical.
I adore the different-hued floral tiers, and with more coverage the v-neck top would be divine
for bigger retailers to carry.

Easy, elegant eveningwear.
Simple blocks of color in shapes made to flatter.
I want this dress!
This dress is very evening-specific, but couldn’t you imagine a non-sparkly version
with the same shape, colors and pattern on the racks of your favorite store?

A more relaxed take, perfect for summer vacation or late-winter getaways.

Sachin & Babi
Drooling over this brilliant red with cute floral details!!

What are your favorite looks from this post? Which photos would you love to see Anthropologie or other retailers take on? What other looks from NYFW did you love?

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