My brain is fried so here are some pretty new pretties I’m in love with at Anthropologie

For my birthday, I may want this entire outfit, but with these shoes swapped in.
Help me, Anthropologie. You’re my only hope.
Trench // Top // Skirt // Shoes

Yes, yes, I know. It’s Tag Sale time and that’s all many in the community care about right now…understandably. But today I checked my mail and what did I find? My January Anthropologie birthday discount!!!

That and as the title of this post states my brain is fried from how friggin hard I’ve been working to make three deadlines before Christmas (all made!) and now all I can think of are mushy things and pretty pretties from Anthropologie. So come along with me as I try to string together coherent sentences about clothing I like and want…

(Good stuff inside, I promise.)

Riband Car Coat ($248)
I want this coat, and then I want a car to go with this coat. I’ll wear this scarf (in red) with the coat.
I vote NO on this coat being online exclusive. 
When I vote no that means Anthro has to carry it in stores, right?
Yes, let’s get away Anthropologie! I’m going to Costa Rica, how about you?
I cannot stop laughing at the price for this, which is something you’d find at Old Navy for $13.
Clearly Anthro misplaced a decimal point.
Perhaps I would wear this lovely dress on my Costa Rican getaway, but the cups look way too small for 32DDs. 
Maybe you can wear it for me instead.
Those shoes are tragique.

You may have noticed a lot of striped things featured so far. I like that. Now let’s play a game I like to call voting YAY or NAY on stripes. Play along with me community!

Yay! Going to be part of my birthday haul. (Check out the cute back too!)
Yay! I know many are sick of peplums but I’m a sucker for cute one-shoulder tops.
Nay. Not into these shapeless stretchy tops. Length is nice though.
Yay! Very cute, Anthropologie.
Nay. This is hurting my eyes.
Yay! Like the subtle layering of the stripes. 
The leggings (these are the black motif) are also very cool.
Nay. Not my thing.
Nay. Good lord Anthro, STOP THIS. Shapeless, blah, blech.

And to wrap up, here are just a few more of my favorite new pieces from Anthro. Crossing my fingers for a good January catalogue. (Or a January catalogue at all since they skipped it last year, bastards. Just kidding, I love you Anthro.)

Dammit Anthro, I just bought a cute Fairisle sweater from you!
Love this dress — at first I thought maybe Anthro was starting to carry Madewell.
Problem is at Madewell this dress would be more like $138.
Does the stripe look too barbershop pole to you? Because I kinda love it. The dots are great!!

Have you even taken a look at the New Arrivals this week? You should — lots of great new stuff! What’s your favorite? Let me know your stripe Yays and Nays in the comments too!

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