Gifts are 20% off in the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo!

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Picks from the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo :: Effortlessly with Roxy

When it comes to Christmas and Hanukkah shopping, Anthropologie is one of my must-shops. They have this wonderful way of creating pretty items that are a delight both to gift and to receive! Right now, Anthropologie is offering 20% off gifts from their beauty and home sections, the latter of which includes far more than just home. (Full price furniture and bedding is also 20% off.)

I think it will be fun to take a look through some of my favorites! Home and beauty are two sections where Anthropologie will carry items for years. What a lovely idea that is. I wish they did that with their clothing!

Alex and I have put our personal home hunt on hold. We currently live in a 2 BR apartment that’s small but functional for us. Because it’s small we’ve held off on most home decor purchases, but one area I don’t feel bad about splurging in is vases. Anthropologie has so many pretty vases! And they tend to make great gifts, especially when adorned with stems or flowers.

One of my favorite vase sets at Anthropologie is the Watercolor Garden Vase ($58-$108, above, all prices 20% off in cart) set. It’s a wonderful marriage of the more modern elements Alex and I like in our home in the handles matched with classic floral decoration that’s at home in, well, any home! The colors pop nicely off our kitchen, which has classic white cabinetry and marble backsplash with marble-printed quartz countertops.

Another vase set I adore? The Kupia Handpainted Vase Set ($58), which comes with three vases. Lines and dots are one of my favorite art studies to explore. And the neutral tones work with any decor. I plan to put these in our bedroom and will also gift a set. These are among the vases and vase sets in my shoppable boutique at the end of the post.

Picks from the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo :: Effortlessly with Roxy
Shop: A prep board in our home

The Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo also has plenty of kitchenware, dining and serving pieces to delight in! I’m of the opinion that everyone needs a good cheeseboard. Not only do cheeseboards serve their named purpose, they also act as great serving trays or decorative objects. We use our cheeseboards all the time and I’ve assembled quite a collection.

One of my past Anthropologie cheeseboard purchases that’s still available is the Reversible Prep & Serve Board ($38). This small serving piece has acted as a cheeseboard, dip holder, and occasionally as a display piece. I notice that the reviews are mixed and that’s too bad — I would like to state that we’ve had ours for over a year now and it’s held up to repeated use well.

But if you’d like some more options, last year I gifted the Agate Cheese Board ($78) and I probably will again this year! My friend uses hers often at parties and ended up buying a second color due to all the raves. One friend has wishlisted the Dorota Cheese Board ($38) and I’ll very likely get it for her. For myself, I’m eyeing the Portina Cheese Board, both rectangular ($88) and round ($68).

Friends not into cheese or parties? They’ll love the reliable gift standby, latte bowls.

Picks from the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo :: Effortlessly with Roxy

If you find yourself in a lot of gift exchanges this year, or are stumped on what to buy a friend, I recommend candles. Candles for everyone! Even guys love candles (in the right scent, of course).

I may be alone in not loving the Capri Blue volcano scent that Anthropologie constantly burns in stores, but I do love many of Capri Blue’s other scents! We have a giant Fir & Firewood Jar Candle ($30, also in mini) that’s my favorite this time of year. The Spiced Cider Jar Candle ($30, also in mini) is another great scent.

In addition to solo candles, Anthro has great candle gift sets. A friend just finished the last of her Voluspa Japonica Embossed Votive Gift Set ($40) and told me, “It’s just what I want again!” Voluspa also has a boxed candle set and a cute mini candle set.

Beyond these I adore the scents in the Boulangerie Candle Gift Set ($38) — but be warned, they make you want to bake daily!! These sets are well-priced and with 20% off they become a nice deal I can smile about.

Picks from the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo :: Effortlessly with Roxy
Shop: A beauty tool both functional and pretty

Anthropologie has stepped up its gift game a bit this year! I notice the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo has many cute jewelry and beauty holders. Some of them have lovely sculptural qualities to them. The Vestige Lipstick Holder ($28, above) is just as pretty to look at as it is to use. And I know both my architect friend and my dance instructor friend will each love the Highbar Jewelry Stand ($38) equally.

I also rather like the look of the Four-Port Charging Station ($38) which has great utility in an eye-pleasing form. It’s one of a few tech items I’m thinking about. The Kreafunk bGEM Wireless Headphones ($138) come in three colors, have your initials on them and hold great potential as gifts if the quality is good. No reviews yet to say either way!

Picks from the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo :: Effortlessly with Roxy

I wish that Anthropologie would only offer bath & beauty this time of year, to make it more special. Nine months of the year I avoid the section in Anthro stores (and wish it were shoes, jewelry or more clothing instead). But for Christmas and Hanukkah, I’m all about poring over the selection and finding gifts for others and myself too!

I’m a huge fan of Mer & Sea and love, love love the new Mer-Sea & Co. Shower Bomb ($7, above)! It takes the idea of a bath bomb and makes it shower ready. This is such a fantastic gift idea for people who are either rushing to make it work on time (like me) but still want to feel fresh after a quick shower or Moms with young kids who don’t have the time to luxuriate in a bath the way they’d like to. Their Sugar Scrub ($30) is also top-notch.

Completely stumped? You can’t go wrong with products by Lano, especially their new rose gold collection, or French Girl Organics, especially their Bronze Shimmer Oil ($50).

Picks from the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo :: Effortlessly with Roxy

Finally, it wouldn’t be Anthropologie if there weren’t some head-scratching gift choices too. A Sloth stuffed animal? Cute. Crystal facial rollers? Trendy, but I get it. Yoga Mat Mist? Ok. Furry wine bottles? lololololol.

And yet, I kinda dig it. These gifts are great for people with a good sense of humor. And they’re 20% off right now in the Anthropologie November 2018 gifts promo. Below, my picks.

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