Destination Guide: Lake Tahoe

This is a guest post! Please join me in welcoming Megan of Pretty in Pink Megan!

My name is Megan and I blog over at Pretty in Pink Megan where I talk about fashion, trends, beauty products, and travel. My favorite thing to do when traveling is to rent a car and just go exploring. I love an adventure and have had the opportunity to travel to some pretty cool places to share with my readers over on my website.

When traveling I like to thoroughly research my destination to make sure I don’t miss any sightseeing opportunities or places of interest. Lake Tahoe is a bit of a conundrum because it’s such a huge lake and there are so many little towns all around the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was overwhelmed when researching places to see around Lake Tahoe because there were so many good places! I decided to throw my OCD hat out the window and just get lost exploring all of the little towns.

Mt. Rose, Nevada

If you’re staying on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, Mt. Rose is the perfect spot for seeing the view of Lake Tahoe while skiing or just sightseeing. Mt. Rose has a Ski & Snowboard Resort where you can enjoy the slopes and get a bite to eat at one of their many restaurants.

Incline Village, Nevada

This was probably my favorite stop along Lake Tahoe because it was an idyllic little town with plenty of restaurants, shops, and places to stay. Be sure to head to the beach to see Lake Tahoe from another perspective and take some pictures on the docks.

South Lake Tahoe, California

If I could go back and stay somewhere along Lake Tahoe, I would definitely stay in South Lake Tahoe. The village around Ski Heavenly was bustling and lively and there were so many fun places to eat and see. We ended up taking the gondola up to Ski Heavenly to get some food and see the lake from the top of the mountain. We ended up eating at Tamarack Lodge and Bar which is a cafeteria style restaurant on the top of the mountain.

Emerald Bay, California

If you are looking for the perfect picture of Lake Tahoe, this is definitely the place! Emerald Bay is a small bay off of Lake Tahoe with an island in the middle, providing picturesque landscape shots. There are plenty of places to pull off the road to get pictures and if you’re there at the right time you will catch one of the Lake cruises circling through the bay.

You can read about more of my travel adventures over on my blog, Pretty in Pink Megan! Thanks Roxy!

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