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Happy New Year!! I hope your holiday season has been as delightful as mine, topped off last night with a bountiful sushi dinner followed by a local bar crawl until we couldn’t stand the cold any longer. We stayed up until midnite to cheer the ball dropping in Times Square but couldn’t muster the strength to get back outside to see the fireworks in nearby Prospect Park (Brooklyn).

Today I find myself wrapped up in my (faux) furriest warmest blanket with my animals cuddled around me as I warm up post-morning dog walk. Much of the country is currently mired in Artic chill and that has me in a major shopping mood! Are you doing some New Year’s Day shopping too? If so, the sale to shop today is certainly Nordstorm’s Half-Yearly Sale which ends tomorrow! I’ve been finding lots of goodies to replenish and fortify my closet, all from the comfort of my toasty living room.

Above, I love the stripes and colors of Rails’ Daphne Stripe Wool & Cashmere Sweater (now $134).

Below, 15 more of my favorites from the sale which are all pictured in the shoppable boutique at the bottom of the post. I’ve purposely picked highly-rated items — nearly all with 4 stars or more — or items I own that I know are great. Happy Sale Hunting!

1 | Although it’s ostensibly a night shirt, the Lou Silk Camisole (now $65-$72) would make a great layering piece too.
2 | For people like me that struggle to find comfortable flats and want a very stylish option, the multi-strapped Gavinia Strappy Flat (now $60) are a delight! My favorite shade is the captivating oxblood patent.
3 | I just love the accents and look of the yummy Mini Ilana Harness Leather Saddle Bag (now $224).
Speaking of comfy flats, the Nalan Ballet Flat (now $40) fits the bill as an elasticized ballet flat that doesn’t dig into my heels or Achilles tendon. The flats come in solid options (both matte and sparkly) or a floral pattern.
4 | Looking for a great all-purpose dress? The Ruched Surplice Dress (now $30) is highly rated and a total steal!
5 | I like tassels but find they can be very overdone. The Voice Bootie (now $60) has a simple and fun tassel woven around this heeled bootie, and despite the 3.75″ heel they are extra comfy thanks to those Dr. Scholl’s insoles!
6 | I’ve realized the importance of a nice warm coat more than ever these last several days, and I can attest to the Faux Fur Trim Down & Feather Fill Parka (now $209) being quite warm and comfy even in single-digit temperatures! This jacket also comes in a super long version.
7 | Although I own the white version I find myself tempted to snag the Embroidered Studded Moto Jacket (now $95) while it’s on sale. This jacket looks great with a nice red plaid under it, a la this super soft option from American Eagle.
8 | A tank top dress isn’t exactly in season right now, but the Normandy Stripe Dress (now $60) is versatile enough that it could be worn with warm tights and a cardigan over it for a great winter outfit til the weather gets warm enough to wear the dress on its own.
9 | Walking in high heels becomes more challenging for me with each passing year yet I love the way heels make my legs look. Thank goodness for beautiful block heel options like the Saffy Block Heel Pump (now $68), which have a perfectly pleasing shape and three colors to choose from.
10 | Wedges are a girls’ best friend, especially when she wants some extra height! I just adore the Lacey Ankle Strap Wedge Pump (now $108) which are still available in two colors as of this writing.
11 | I’m on the hunt for the perfect event to make buying the decadent, nearly over-the-top Lace One-Shoulder Midi Dress (now $357) a worthwhile purchase.
12 | I loooooooove two-tone leather boots, which the Axil Elastic Back Riding Boot (now $240) beautifully are. Despite the elastic back these boots don’t have much give and are ideal for narrow calves (14.5″ and under).
13 | For us wider calf girls, the Poly Riding Boot (now $160) from Børn are a fantastic option.
14 | If you need a good layering cardigan, the Rib Knit Wool Blend Cardigan (now $40) is the one to get!
15 | Free People’s Gidget Sweater Dress (now $89) is one of my favorite Winter pickups so far!



  1. Stefanie
    January 1, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    Of course I have my eye on one thing st Nordstrom right now and it’s not on sale. The free peoplemaghc mystery tunic. Love.
    Happy new year to everyone. Did a little shopping with the family this morning then had lunch at the Terrrain Café, then took all the Christmas stuff down and cleaned the house.
    Quite a successful first day of 2018!

    • January 1, 2018 / 8:10 pm

      Sounds like a great New Year's Day to me!

  2. Ann
    January 1, 2018 / 8:47 pm

    Me too! Big clean up and lots of leftovers for dinner, neighbors coming over to help eat it all!

    Anthro price adjustment RANT:
    Just called for PA on items purchased at Anthro Dec 24th. I could see the sale prices on my wishlist, but they weren't ringing up as such. I ordered anyway, planning on a PA.
    Customer service just told me that as the items are now showing as sold out, so no PAs. She said it's a new policy because people were returning items and rebuying at the sale price. This seems like the wrong tweak to make to fix an issue! I thought I'd be getting the sale price plus the 30% off I saw onsite Dec 25th, so the budget says no to keeping the items.
    I had emailed on the 25th to make the request but never heard back, I'm sure they're swamped but I'm grumpy about it. I don't think this honors the spirit of a price adjustment within 2 weeks of purchasing an item which was always a nice perk.

    Thank you for reading! A grump shared is surely a grump halved 🙂

    Time to wake up the cats and bother them and in the New Year Spirit, remember what's genuinely important.
    <img src=""&gt;

    • January 1, 2018 / 8:58 pm

      Oh no Ann! I can only hope that's not true. Did you try talking to multiple reps (i.e. calling back)? Or was it just one rep you spoke to?

      If that's true I can't see this policy lasting long. It will turn so many buyers off. Anthro has an inventory problem as is, and they're going to have a bigger one if they try to tell people they can't get PAs too. Especially since so many of these items will likely pop back into stock in several days.

    • Stefanie
      January 1, 2018 / 9:08 pm

      I’ve sent not one but three Emails since 12/25 asking for PAs and have not gotten a response. I’m calling tomorrow. If they give me that same nonsense I’m returning everything. Total BS.

      • January 1, 2018 / 9:13 pm

        I mean, I would do the same. That kind of crap has me dumping piles at the cash register and abandoning purchases rather than making them. I know retailers are hurting right now but poor customer policies do not help.

    • carol
      January 2, 2018 / 1:35 am

      Ann, I would refer Customer Service to Anthro's website. No where does it state that a price adjustment isn't given for out of stock items. They can't just change their policy without updating their website. Check your receipt too to see if it mentions the policy on price adjustments. Per the website….
      "If you have purchased items that are now on sale, we will gladly offer you a one-time price adjustment if you contact us within 14 days of the original date of shipment or in-store purchase."

      • Ann
        January 2, 2018 / 2:47 am

        Yes, I don't read any other references to price adjustments or policy updates.

        I'll phone again tomorrow and update everyone with what I learn. It's madness that different reps might have different understandings of the policies. The policies shouldn't be so complicated or poorly worded that they're open to interpretation…and, I don't see that they are from my reading.
        Btw the rep I spoke with was charming and patient. She said she didn't think the policy made sense either.

        Right -o, I'll try again, roll the dice and see if I get my PA.

        • Ann
          January 2, 2018 / 3:54 pm

          And so, another phone call later.
          New rep didn't appear to bat an eyelid at my request and said she'd send it up to the 'financial dept' for overview which could take up to 48 hours and then 2-3 business days for the adjustment to show up on my credit card.
          She couldn't tell me the amount of any adjustment as it sounded as though she just types in a request.
          So, who knows?
          For anyone following along, I'll report back when I find out what's happening. It's a decent chunk of change so I really need to know because the items are keep or return based on $$$!

          • Stefanie
            January 2, 2018 / 4:46 pm

            I called today as well letting them now I sent three emails last week and had not received replies to any. She was very nice and included in her info to the proper department the dates of my emails to prove that I asked for the PAs in the 14 day window. Now I’ll wait to see how long it takes to get my $! It’s only about $30 But $30 is a lunch date for me and the hubs!

          • January 2, 2018 / 4:51 pm

            Sounds promising ladies! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your PAs quickly…I made an online return in-store before Christmas and it took them almost a week to process it.

  3. lulu
    January 2, 2018 / 12:17 am

    I think that is outrageous too. If that is the case moving forward, I will be spending a fraction of what I spend now at Anthro.

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