Guest Post: Packing a Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

This is a guest post! Please join me in welcoming Briana of Briana Anderson!!

Hi there! My name is Bri, and my blog is a resource for fashion styling, travel tips and lifestyle inspiration for the everyday gal. I’m so excited to be talking about one of my favorite things today – TRAVEL. It is, without a doubt, the one thing that I look forward to most and that keeps me sane. With travel comes the daunting task of packing… But, not anymore! I’m here to share with you my three best tips for creating a capsule wardrobe before packing for your next trip.

If you’re finding yourself having to do any of the below, then this post is for you:

  • Actually only wearing about half of the clothing you packed in your suitcase
  • Needing to sit on top of your suitcase in order for it to close
  • Frantically weighing your luggage on the nearest scale to judge how much you’ll have to pay in overweight fees
  • Wishing you packed different shoes on your trip because yours are deadly after walking 2 miles
  • Having to throw away some of your beauty items to re-enter the country because they don’t fit in a quart-size bag (*looking at you, Grand Cayman*)


The list could go on and on! It wasn’t until I realized that it was time to change my packing habits that I made a few changes. And now, I’m one of the most proficient packers on the block. Creating a capsule wardrobe can be very simple and take some stress off of you when preparing for your trip.

Whether you’re heading to Florence, Italy or making a weekend trip to Washington, D.C., you’ll want to check out this post to find the three best tips for packing for your next adventure.

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