Destination Guide: St Lucia

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If you are like me, you are already planning your next tropical getaway. This is why I am so excited to show you the best of Saint Lucia, a small island in the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia may be well known as the perfect honeymoon destination, with two all-inclusive Sandals resorts on the North of the island. It is actually the perfect getaway for any occasion. In fact, my boyfriend and I planned a stay at the breathtaking Ladera Resort over the holidays instead of exchanging traditional gifts, and it is still one of my favorite trips that we have ever taken together.

In the southern part of the island, near Soufriere, there are two iconic green mountain peaks, which provide an unforgettable view for the gorgeous accommodations in the area. Imagine an open air villa set between the mountains looking out over the sea, falling asleep beneath a blanket of stars, and waking up to the birds chirping or a sudden morning rain shower. It is absolute heaven.

The advantage of staying near Soufriere is being right near all of the best activities and excursions, including epic hikes, sunset cruises, the best snorkeling and diving, a natural volcanic hot spring, and some of the best cuisine. One restaurant, Boucan by HotelChocolat, is a chocolate lover’s dream. It has gorgeous sunset views and successfully integrates the cocoa from the onsite plantation into every dish.

My favorite activity was hiking Gros Piton to the best views of the island. See more of these views and find out all about the best things to do in Saint Lucia in the posts on my blog, Never Settle Travel.

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